Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Doog and the Dab

In every part of our life, when we think or act or in whatever we do, we are always accompanied by two different super-beings, whose presence we feel though we may not see. They peep into your head and try to manipulate what you think and what you do, but finally leave you the chance to choose. They are the Doog and the Dab.

People tend to ignore Dab mistaking it for the Bad. They fail to recognize that Dab is not Bad but the reverse of Bad which is the Good. And in a similar way end up falling into the trap set by seemingly Good who is also sounding similar to Good, the Doog, but fail to recognize that the Doog is actually not Good but the opposite of Good which is the Bad. It is always left to us to know what is Good and what is Bad from all the choices we have in every part of life. Presenting to you, the Doog and the Dab...