Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It all happened!

He was sitting all alone in an abandoned shack near sea-shore in the Chind-do island of South Korea. Out of no where, a group of South koreans appeared and encircled that shack. They were all sporting black shades and clad in black tuxedos; to him they all looked identical for he always had difficulty identifying them and he strongly felt all South Koreans look the same. He was drunk, and that made it much more difficult. Without any delay, they started firing their .45 caliber pistols. They pretty much finished their task leaving him in that shack in a pool of blood.

PS: I know there is nothing positive in this post! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Future Internet,my perspective

The views and opinions expressed in this page are strictly those of the page author. The contents of this page do not reflect to anyone in the University I study or my past employer.

Internet, which began as a project by the Department of Defense of the US government, evolved into a huge thing with the addition of thousands of smaller individual networks. a machine to be part of the Internet, it has to run TCP/IP protocol, should have an IP address and it should be able to send IP packets to other machines on the Internet.

The future Internet demands stronger human computer interaction with the increasing use of 3D Virtual worlds as the mode of interaction. The webcam integrated to the computer has to be so powerful and the underlying technology so advanced to be able to capture the facial expressions and body mechanics of the user and reflect it in the online avatar of him/herself. This demands improved multimedia applications with the world becoming more and more virtual through various applications like maps and all. Currently the wireless networks are in such a way that we can gain access to the Internet only if we are in the area of coverage. In future, the Network Service Providers will come up with something where in we end users register to an ISP, and the ISP will be able to provide Internet access wherever the user is (just the way, we use mobile phones). Every end device will be able to seamlessly connect to the Internet irrespective of the place, even if the end host machine is static or moving from a place to place.

The Internet will become more ubiquitous with every possible device around us having the power to compute and connect. With this we will gain better access to everything and everyone we want to. With this we can envision a change in the Home networks are also, in the way we access every device at home. Every home appliance like TV, fridge, washing machine, microwave, lights, fans, air conditioners and many other kitchen and entertainment equipment will have a processing unit and will act like a networking device in future, where in all these form the home network. We will have technology to access the devices in our home network through the Internet enabling us to control all of these devices securely from a remote place. With the availability of huge multimedia information over the Internet, the access of multimedia content over the Internet improves bringing a major change in the way we view cable tv. The usage of personalized tv channels comes into picture as the set top boxes become sophisticated enough to aggregate the multimedia content present over the Internet based on the tagging information and create video channels based on the interest of the end user (animation, comedy, sports etc).

With all these positive changes hopeful to be seen in the future, we get the bad effects too. Our increasing dependency on Internet makes it more vulnerable to increased possibility of cyber attacks. This demands more sophistication in the security point of view.

PS1: Please provide your views on this topic, which will enhance my knowledge!
PS2: This was written as a part of my course work.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bengaluru for Mo-bike Enthusiasts!

Go motor biking and Explore Bengaluru. Its very interesting to find that number of hits to my blog increases as weekend approaches with the increase in the number of motor bike enthusiasts who google for road routes to places around Bengaluru like Nandi Hills, Devarayanadurga, Mekedaatu and so on! This shows the increase in number of people getting enthusiastic about going motor biking everywhere in the city.

But a very few people consider going to the places with in the city. Few of them which I'd been to just before coming back from Bangalore are - Tipu's summer palace located in the City Market area, Vishweswarayya museum located near Cubbon Park and Lalbagh . Tipu's "Abode of Peace" located in the hustle-bustle of KR Market area is definitely a place to watch with the wooden carvings in the durbar area reflecting Islamic style. Everybody must have heard about the Vishweswarayya museum and Lalbagh Gardens but people don't tend to go there. I suggest you these places are worth visiting!

Very few people have a clue about the four watch towers of Bangalore. These four gates were built by Kempegowda of Magadi dynasty marking the ends of the town of Bangalore up to which it was predicted to expand. The South tower is located on top of a hillock inside Lalbagh. The North tower is located inside KG Tower Park near Mekhri circle. The West tower is located in Chamrajpet near Kempebudhi lake. There is a Kali temple near that lake and this West tower is located on a rock behind the Kali temple. The last and the East Tower is located on one end of Ulsoor near the Gurudwara. Exploring all these towers on motor bikes will definitely be loadsa fun!

And for more info about exploring places by having rides on motor bikes, there is lotsa info provided by Prashant in Payaniga.com. Go mo-biking, have fun!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

A New Beginning

Lotsa new experiences! What do I start with? Where do I begin? First and foremost thing is attending classes after a long gap of 2.5 years, it just reminds me of all the fun I had in good old days of undergrad. But classes here are much different, I find grandfathers taking the same class I take, may be its the 'Gnanam Param Balam' motto that they follow and polish their knowledge every now and then. A special mention goes to the babes out here - somehow i don't feel like calling them gals and addressing them as ladies makes it much formal, so lemme stick to the word babes. But whatever be it Desi gals are the best, last night I attended an Indian students gathering and there is this one cute desi gal who stole my heart. Couldn't stop staring at her until all my friends made fun of me.

The other day I was shocked when an American colleague of mine asked me "Who's your favorite actor in Bollywood?" When I asked how he knew about Bollywood, his answer was "Everyone knows about Bollywood, it makes large number of movies every year, isn't it!" I suggested him to watch Om Shanti Om when he asked me for a movie, because with all the reincarnation, flashy and colorful sets, dancing numbers and all it will give him a good idea of what Bollywood movies are. Americans have a general idea that Indians movies are full of dancing.

What else! Its Minneapolis. A cool place with generous and friendly people, they say its one of the safest places in this country. And at the same time people scare me with all their experiences about the harsh winters here. A few days back watched pre-screening of the movie Death Race, which deals with the extremely fictious state of this country in 2012 after the downfall of its economy. And also had been to Minnehaha Falls, Lake Calhoun and Mall of America here in Minneapolis. When I tell people that I had been to all these places, they say I pretty much covered majority of the places in this city.

PS: Yay, got my brand new Dell Inspiron y'day!! :D
PPS: Thats Stone Arch bridge across Mississippi river in the second pic.