Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Future Internet,my perspective

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Internet, which began as a project by the Department of Defense of the US government, evolved into a huge thing with the addition of thousands of smaller individual networks. a machine to be part of the Internet, it has to run TCP/IP protocol, should have an IP address and it should be able to send IP packets to other machines on the Internet.

The future Internet demands stronger human computer interaction with the increasing use of 3D Virtual worlds as the mode of interaction. The webcam integrated to the computer has to be so powerful and the underlying technology so advanced to be able to capture the facial expressions and body mechanics of the user and reflect it in the online avatar of him/herself. This demands improved multimedia applications with the world becoming more and more virtual through various applications like maps and all. Currently the wireless networks are in such a way that we can gain access to the Internet only if we are in the area of coverage. In future, the Network Service Providers will come up with something where in we end users register to an ISP, and the ISP will be able to provide Internet access wherever the user is (just the way, we use mobile phones). Every end device will be able to seamlessly connect to the Internet irrespective of the place, even if the end host machine is static or moving from a place to place.

The Internet will become more ubiquitous with every possible device around us having the power to compute and connect. With this we will gain better access to everything and everyone we want to. With this we can envision a change in the Home networks are also, in the way we access every device at home. Every home appliance like TV, fridge, washing machine, microwave, lights, fans, air conditioners and many other kitchen and entertainment equipment will have a processing unit and will act like a networking device in future, where in all these form the home network. We will have technology to access the devices in our home network through the Internet enabling us to control all of these devices securely from a remote place. With the availability of huge multimedia information over the Internet, the access of multimedia content over the Internet improves bringing a major change in the way we view cable tv. The usage of personalized tv channels comes into picture as the set top boxes become sophisticated enough to aggregate the multimedia content present over the Internet based on the tagging information and create video channels based on the interest of the end user (animation, comedy, sports etc).

With all these positive changes hopeful to be seen in the future, we get the bad effects too. Our increasing dependency on Internet makes it more vulnerable to increased possibility of cyber attacks. This demands more sophistication in the security point of view.

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  1. positive thinking :) gud article

  2. cool.. i like the idea.. and the stuff you came up with.

    what if someone asked to come up with 25 different things you would like to see in the new internet without even mentioning about how to implement it.Curious to see how creative ppl can get..

  3. With all these changes, the speed of the internet is also going to be a BIG challenge right...

    And also optimizations in the area of how the Binary data (3d data, voice, video etc etc)are sent over wire ?

    On a lighter side, all the changes looks like a very good subject for a sci-fi movie as of now.

  4. @ sri -
    thnx man!

    @ ajay -
    defy we can do that! i will think of a few

    @ sandy -
    dude, its been a long while since i got a positive comment from u on my blog ;) just kidding...
    well with the huge capable backbone cables, audio/video data is no big deal now itself... and the 3D virtual worlds like Second Life are improving in their 3D quality day-by-day! i strongly feel all this will be possible on wireless networks too in near future.

  5. came across something very interesting few days back. IEEE is coming up with standards for networks in case of moving vehicles. two or more vehicles can communicate with each other and in this way can automatically take care of driving themselves. but this will be more of sensor networks stuff...


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