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"Between the wish and the thing, life lies waiting." - Anonymous 

Ciuadad Juarez, Mexico - Gabriela is a daughter of a businessman. She has everything she wanted, except that she cannot go out without her security guards. Out of the fear of extortion threats by the local mafia she was not allowed to play with her friends. Like any other kid she wanted to go out freely and play. One day, in their huge mansion, amidst the colorful walls with fancy paintings light by the magnificent chandeliers were a group of finely dressed happy people waiting for her to cut her birthday cake. She stared at everyone and with a grin blew those five candles at once, and made a silent wish. 


Bali, Indonesia - Dian is an orphan. He had been through lot of rough times since his childhood. But he always believed in hard work and finally made a decent job. He met a girl recently through a friend and never before was he so happy in his life. After meeting her frequently for some time, he made up his mind and proposed and she happily accepted. All he wanted is to make a happy family which he never had and they planned to get married. A day before his marriage, he went out along with friends and was gazing in the sky thinking about his marriage. He spotted a shooting star and quickly made a wish.


Santo Andre, Brazil - Isabel is born with a congenial limb deficiency. When she was 2 years old, her left leg was amputated till knee. Her mother is a dancer by profession and she always wanted to be like her mother. Once during spring time she went to the nearby fields along with her father. The dandelion puffs in the fields reminded her of the story her mother told when she was a kid about how they are signs of hope. She picked one, made a wish and blew the dandelion.  


Philadelphia, USA - Cody was a perfectly healthy kid until he was recently diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis, which is quite rare in kids. Despite being terminally ill, he dresses up head to toe in support of his favorite Philadelphia Phillies team for every ball game and cheers for them from his bed in the hospital. He always wanted to spend time with the members of his favorite team. When volunteers from Make-A-Wish foundation visited him in the hospital and asked him what he wanted, he knew it exactly. He made his wish. 


Ranchi, India - Sujata is a single mother working in a construction company. Ever after her husband deserted her with their two kids, she took the responsibility of earning bread by working hard. All she wanted is to make sure she could feed both her kids every day, but thats not an easy task for her. Just like every other day, on her way to work she stopped for a minute near the Ganesh temple. She closed her eyes fervently , mumbled a small prayer and made her only wish.


As kids when we played marbles, we always started with equal number of marbles per player. I *wish* life also follows the same logic and gives everyone equal opportunity to begin with. On the ending note, may all their wishes come true.
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  1. The last lines ..touched the heart..ESP the comparison to the game of marbles

  2. I really liked your post - there is a sense of simplicity and honesty in the writing that comes through.
    The presentation is good and I don't think I spotted too many errors in the write up.

    Good job.

  3. Hello Vee,

    I loved your style of writing!!

    Each incident has been put beautifully in just a few words, but it has conveyed a million things.
    Every person around the world makes wishes and in their own way.
    I liked the different ways in which each one wished.
    I like the idea of starting on even footing too, conveyed by you in the last lines.

    Excellent post!!
    Apt Images!!
    Easy to read!!
    Double Thumbs Up!! :D

    -Rumya :)

  4. Awesome post. Loved it. Last few lines are really touching. I wish every one in this world gets equal opportunity.

  5. This post touched my heart. Keep writing!

  6. @ Viyoma - I'm glad you liked. Thanks for dropping by.

    @Gyan ban - Thank you very much for the feedback.

    @ Rumya - Thanks a lot for all those kind words :) I very much need them.

  7. @ Arun - I wish so too. Sadly that's not how it is.

    @ UB - I'm flattered. Thanks for dropping by. :)

  8. Am touched by your writing, your way of expressing is so awesome and the last lines were so mesmerizing.

    I wish you a good luck for BATOM - 12

    Saravana Kumar - Wish

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  9. Very warm and thoughtful post.
    Last lines were the cherry on top!

    Good Wishes for BAT12!

    Gkam - Wish

  10. WOW Vee. this post has truly touched my heart. What a thought! And the concluding WISH is such a noble one. You have my vote! :D ATB Vee for BAT 12

  11. @ Saravana, Gkam - Thank you for liking the post.

    @ Vibhuti - this is my first post for BAT. Its very motivating to know that you liked my post. thanks a ton.

  12. One of the best that I have read so far!!
    The last few lines were so powerful and touching.
    The different wishes by the different classes of people was very well brought out .
    Great writing style .

  13. nice post..but i liked ur ending part the most..referring to the marbles the way u did..

  14. A lovely montage of life you have painted with your ecletic perspectives on a wish-great concept and brilliant presentation !

  15. A lovely montage of life you have painted with your ecletic perspectives on a wish-great concept and brilliant presentation !

  16. A lovely montage of life you have painted with your ecletic perspectives on a wish-great concept and brilliant presentation !

  17. lovely take on the theme!
    beautifully presented!

    best wishes for the blogathon12!

  18. what a wish...may their wishes come true n someday ur *wish* as well

  19. Hi Vee;

    Wow...this is simply beautifully written and was more meaningful with the pictures that accompanied each story!

    You rendered the prompt in a most unique style...loved it! Thumbs up!

    All the best for BAT 12!

    Please read mine...thank you..:-) You've got a new follower in me...:-) Have a great week ahead!

  20. This touched my heart.
    It's such a poignant piece on how innocent yet unfortunate people think so differently and the different things they want out of life and you've written it with real elegance. The images and the symbolism is so apt in the various scenarios that you have depicted.

    Following you as of immediately! :)
    All the best for BAT12.

  21. Tuppence - When I first saw the topic 'Wish' I just collected all the ideas that came to mind and brought out a connection between them by writing different yet connected instances of how people make a wish. I'm very happy you liked it.

    Leo - Thank you very much.

    Brijender - Thanks a lot for your kind words. And I will take your multiple comments as a compliment too. :)

    Magiceye - Thank you.

    Adarsh - May all your wishes come true as well.

    Amity - I'm glad you liked my style.

    D2 - Thank you very much, pal. I'm not much of a person who can write fluently. But, all you encouraging words definitely motivate me in improving myself further.

  22. the message is clear and i liked it a lot..
    ppl ultimately wish for the same thing, strange it is!
    "we are the world" should be the mantra and every child should get equal opportunity but sadly that is very difficult to achieve in the real scenario..
    good one! best wishes for BAT12

  23. Amen !! I so wish each one of their wishes come true!! And your last lines about distributing marbles equally really brought out the whole essence.
    Loved it.
    All the best for BAT-12

  24. Its simple...and yet its so profound in its inherent thought....luvd your work....wish ya luck wid BAT 12...m gonna follow u! :)


  25. Hey Vee, a wonderful and thoughtful post.. Just loved each and every though expressed here.. the last line was a stealer..Keep participating and enriching this event :)

  26. Life is NOT fair - accepting this fact gives you freedom. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we shouldn't do anything about it, all I'm doing is stating a fact.


  27. wow......many flavours of wish.

    am considering it for voting :)

  28. Vivek - A very difficult scenario, but imagine how the world will be with it?

    Parul, maverick - Thank you guys!

    Vipul - I'm glad to hear from the Marshal.

    Ajay - Well, the fact is accepted. But this post is just a simple thought based on how it would change the world if life is fair.

    Mahesh - Thank you for considering it. I'm very happy you liked my post.

  29. A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!! You definitely deserve to win!! Kudos! Your *wish* is the best.... :))

  30. Wonderful ... really awesome... wish I can write like this ....keep going

  31. Excellent article :) Touched me!

  32. Guria, KKP and PRK - thanks a lot guys!

  33. Great post boy! Now, I agree blogging allows bringing out the creativity that your closest friends are also not aware of.

  34. superb way of expression.
    nicely arranged.

  35. I really loved your way of expressing things :)..Wish and Impression that wouldn't fade were my favorites...Looking forward to more posts from you :D

  36. Pramod, Srikanth - Thanks

    Kasha - Thanks a lot dude :D

    Sruthi - Very glad to know you liked those two posts. Thank you.

  37. beautiful post. and copy-paste the first comment by Viyoma, cuz dts just wt i wanted 2 write too. :)

  38. thank you m7 for those encouraging words. :)

  39. loved all the wishes and how beautifully you explained it.very very well written and expressed.salute to you vee...great job.

  40. Dr. Pratibha -
    Thanks a lot for your appreciation

  41. very thoughtful narrative. knowledgeable and worth reading minutely.

  42. I am speechless! i also make a wish here on this blog a very special wish....may everybody get the divine love and leave all their tears! wherever they may be! Thanks for sharing on forum I am extremely sorry that i am late. but u know the reasons.

  43. Pramod -
    Those are some motivating words from you. thanks!

    Mohinee -
    better late than never! very glad you liked what I wrote. And that's a wonderful you made. I wish your wish come true...

  44. Very nice and interesting post!! the way you summed all the different wishes !! great!


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