Friday, July 23, 2010

Trip to Apostle Islands

I never thought I would get back to blogging again. I was frustrated for a variety of reasons and gave up completely. But then, it was while planning our trip to Apostle Islands along with friends for the July 4th long weekend in the US I realized the importance of blogging. Earlier, I used to keep track of all my travel details in my blog so that it would help others. I still see people stopping by my blog while looking for travel details to Devarayanaradurga, Nandi Hills and other places around Bangalore. That is some inspiration, isn't it? Now, here I'm with all of you back in the blogosphere.

Enough said about my come back story, Apostle Islands are a group of Islands in Lake Superior in Wisconsin. Some of the islands are named after 12 Apostles (no great story behind the islands being named after Apostles, it was done by Jesuits who drew the first maps), and hence the name Apostle Islands. More here  and wiki.
A glimpse of what we experienced from the lens of my dear friend.
In the picture above, the land in the far end is Madeline Island, the largest island of the group.
View of some of the islands on our way to Raspberry Island from the shore in a cruise.

We were supposed to start on Saturday morning, but out of all excitement we hit the roads by 2:00 in the night. After a brief halt for Sunrise view in Duluth and a plethora of kodak moments clicked, we headed to Washburn - a small town near the coast despite our GPS directing us into woods. 

I will not further bore you by overloading with teeny weeny details of the trip, but a few highlights here:
  • Frisbee in the ice cold waters of Lake Superior
  • Savoring freshly picked juicy strawberries for breakfast
  • Enjoying chilled beer sitting on the shore
  • The nonstop July 4th fireworks extravaganza at Bayfield
  • Cruise to Raspberry Island from Bayfield shore is one helluva experience
  • Delicious food on Madeline island and in the bay
  • Miss. Rosy (?) who paid our check at lunch for no reason
  • And, all the chitter-chatter and arguments over little nothings

 The pictures above are from another good friend and photographer in the making! :)

All right guys.. Now you know where you are going, so put on your travel hat!!


P.S.: I've been procrastinating posting this stuff since past three weeks. I'm glad I did it now!


  1. beautiful clicks...

    i now might just go there for my next vacation..


  2. great snaps! and welcome back to blogging!

  3. Rishi & Raphael - all credit for the pics goes to my photographer buddies. And, thanks a lot for dropping by!

  4. Wow! That's wonderful.. I saw the fireworks but too bad the pics weren't this good..Cool place..That's definitely on my list..maybe on thanksgiving ;)

  5. Upasana - Summer is the best time. By thanksgiving it would start getting cold.


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