Monday, August 18, 2008

My Journey

Subcontinent -> Land of Opportunities

Bangalore -> Minneapolis

Garden City (?) -> City of Lakes

Software Engineer -> Grad Student

Bagmane Tech Park -> UMinn Campus

Desi galz -> Galz of many nationalities ;)

Hope this transition works out great. Hope I will have lotsa fun here.

PS1: Bangalore was then called Garden City. But the traffic and pollution these days doesn't make the name Garden City suitable to it.
PS2: Minnesota, as they say, has more than 10,000 lakes in it.
PS3: Visited one, Lake Calhoun few days back. Its damn good.
PS4: River Mississippi flows through Minneapolis also. Went on for a walk on Stone Arch Bridge here which was constructed across that.
PS5: As of now it feels great here.
PS6: Miss you all people!