Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bike ride to Nandi Hills

Last weekend I went to Nandi Hills along with 3 of my friends (Laddu-Satish-Raffi). Nandi Hills which is 60 kms away from Bangalore is famous as Tippu Sulthan's summer retreat. Its around 1200m above the sea level. Having read many blogs giving positive feedback about watching sunrise from the hill top of Nandi Hills, we planned to be there before the sun rises. With quite a good amount of preparation, checking out various blogs for the route and various other info, we started for Nandi Hills at around 3.30 in the morning. After filling up our wallets with money from ATM and our bikes (Pulsar 180 and Gladiator 125) with petrol, we were in the Old Madras road when the clock stuck 4.00 AM. We went to Hebbal and from there followed the NH7 road to reach Devanahalli.

Though we were protected well in our winter wear, the cold air was harsh enuf to make us shiver. And the air became much more colder as we moved towards Devanahalli, may be the effect of hilly areas. After reaching Devanahalli, we were not sure about the way to Nandi Hills. So we went lil ahead, taking the straight road, to find a shop selling snacks and cigarettes. There we had hot tea and asked him for the route. We then realized that we came lil ahead, so we had to go back a few kms and take a right turn. So the actual route to Nandi Hills is - after reaching Devanahalli go ahead a bit to find a turn on ur left with a board showing "Nandi Hills 26 Kms". If you happen to travel in day light, the board will be quite visible. And through out the ride the ultra cool four laned NH7 roads made our ride smooth, except for one speed breaker which we missed due to very low light in that place and that made our hearts miss a beat. The ride on the ghat roads with cool with all those hair pin bends challenging us. At times I was doubtful whether our bikes will be able to make it or not. But you know, we made it. It was 5.30 AM by the time we reached the hill top. We parked our bikes and stood in the queue to get our entry tickets. At around 6.00 we got our tickets and started moving to the hill peak to view the sunrise.

On the hill top we had fun with all the photographs while waiting for the sun to rise. Though the clouds obstructed us from viewing the sunrise, I must accept its a great feel to see the whole thing from the hill top. We had loadsa fun there with the sceneries and the sun rays, blocked by clouds, refracting and reaching the earth. Be careful with the stray dogs and monkeys on the hill. At around 9 we started back after lotsa photos and phun.

After getting down the hill, we stopped again to have some refreshments and started our ride back to Bangalore. One small wrong diversion in our return way led us to Chikballapur and a round about way to reach Devanahalli. There was this one particular blue colored bus (dint get a chance to capture it in my camera) which made me suffer a lot by blocking my way on the NH7 while coming back to Bangaloresad. All in all its an awesome experience, and the fact that I never got a chance to go even for a short trip along with my dear friends in the past 2 years made this more special for me.

Now am eagerly waiting for our trip to Devarayanadurga which we are planning in 2 weekssmile.

Friday, January 25, 2008

TZP Effect...

If u havent watched Taare Zameen Par, then the first thing you should do is go watch it....

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Man from Earth

Happened to watch this movie "Jerome Bixby's Man from Earth" yesterday in office. Initially I was lil doubtful as to whether I should continue watching the movie, but then as the movie went on I found myself deeply involved, sitting at the edge of my chair, waiting for the next dialog. This movie, shot mostly in a single room with 8 characters without any hi-fi visual effects and whatnot, is undoubtedly one of the most intelligent and thought provoking movies I've watched.

The movie leaves you with an experience that cannot be explained to another person; it has to be experienced personally. I never happened to write a post on a movie, but this movie is quite different. I want people to watch this movie and feel it.

You can find more about the movie here, but I strongly recommend not to read it now. Go experience the movie and be a part of Prof. John Oldman's farewell meet.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What do I name this post?!

It's been one and half months since I've done anything useful in office. Since early December my routine has changed a lot. I come at sharp 10 to office (its compulsory for us to be in office by 10), and spend time till 10.45 in the cafeteria. Till 12.30 it will be gmail, orkut, chatting, songs, youtube and what not. Time for lunch! Come back at 2.00 and then repeat the same with a cafeteria break of 1 hour in between; and leave for home whenever I feel like leaving after 6. I tell you with all the experience, its really difficult to be without work. At times I feel that being overloaded with work is quite better...

For quite somedays in between I had a break from this schedule as I was asked to participate in the inter division Fashion show competition (or fancy dress competition with a theme :P) conducted by our office people for the annual day celebrations. All in all it was fun.

Also I've been to Pune and had a blast with all my dear friends over there. I also got a chance over there to unleash my archery skills. Who knows, may be I'm Mr. Paartha in my previous life :P

Know wat, these days I'm in search of good places around Bangalore so that we can go biking in the weekends. I found a blog on one Devarayanadurga. The place looks awesome. Hope to go there very soon.

This weekend we are going to Nandi Hills, nearest peaks to Bangaloreans famous as summer resort of Tippu Sulthan. Shall update more about these places, with photographs, after I visit them.

And yesterday night I saw the fire department and the police people together recovering the body of a person who committed suicide by hanging himself. That poor guy jumped from the top of the K. R. Puram suspension bridge with a noose around his neck. Whatever be the reasons for which he has committed suicide, may his sole rest in peace and may all his problems be solved so that his family members can live in peace.