Wednesday, February 02, 2011

I Dare To Dream

The Great Indian Robbers!
Do you worry if some one stole Rs. 200 from you? Probably you would not as much as when Rs. 2000 was robbed from you. Now, if you have not worried enough when you heard of 2G Spectrum scam then let me tell you that you need to worry. According to reports, the estimated loss due to this single scam is Rs. 1.76 Lakh Crores which approximates to Rs 1760 per every person in India's 1 billion population. If you start looking into other scams that have happened recently, then there is every reason for you to worry. An estimated 63 Lakh crores of Indian money sits in all the Swiss banks. There is no way we could ask these people to not rob the poor, because not even the animals were spared in this country.

The Give and Take Principle
During my college days, I often came across people who wanted to rag their juniors only because they were ragged by their seniors. When I go to a government office, I would have to deal with a bitter employee because he was treated with bitterness by his superior. A mother-in-law would want to make up for her bad experiences by treating her daughter-in-law in the same way. And this ill behavior only increases as it goes down the chain, because at every point one wants to feel good by venting out more than what one had experienced. Same is the case with our politicians. If the politicians pay Rs. 100 asking you to cast vote for them, they only expect to take back Rs 1000 or more from you after they win. 

Political Party Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Starting a political party is a profitable venture in this country. With nepotism having its strongest roots in Indian political scenario, politics is now a family-owned family-run venture mostly. And, like any other business there is competition in this as well. Be it at the central level or the state level, most of the ruling party's time is invested in devising methods to retain the power for a better future for their children, who would eventually be the politician of the next generation. So when your hard earned money is taken away and stashed in Swiss banks by politicians now, their children would increase their family assests by taking from your children. After all that is what BS Yeddyurappa said "I have done what my predecessors did".

Gifts for being Honest
It was Shanmughan Manjunath and Satyendra Dubey earlier, and this time only the name changed. Yashwant Sonawane was murdered for doing his job honestly. The unexplained deaths and murders of Right To Information activists and corruption whistleblowers only reasserts the fact that being honest in this country has its own risks. And how difficult will it be to find an honest person in any government organization? Very easy, the one who is termed outlier by his/her colleagues, who had most number of transfers and who is the most constrained economically. What would you tell your children when they read the newspapers and ask you if honesty is the best policy?

I hate what is happening and yet I love my country. Despite all this, I dare to dream of a corruption free India. Do you dare to dream? To make our dream come true, this time we cannot wait for a savior to lead the march. We cannot even trust any butterfly effect so that an instance in a far away land can trigger the movement here. We are by ourselves. Let us together fight against our common enemy "corruption" and make India a better place.
India Against Corruption
Also, do read what Zephyr has to say. 
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  1. That was a great post, Vee. We have to stand and fight, but the reason one is afraid to fight have been well listed by you in the post. We need the safety of numbers. How many would be willing to be ostracised, transferred or even burnt alive for not falling in with the system?

    Only the apex court in this country is now able to bring some modicum of accountability but the way the parties are brazening it out, it makes one's heart sink. the investigating agencies are all part of the ruling parties so where does that it leave one if one were to expect justice?

    I have linked your post in my blog. Please link mine too.

  2. Brilliant writeup..., as usual.intelligible too.
    my take on it would be thus.
    the sins we do two by two, we pay for them one by one.

  3. I read Zephyr post and Purbas and your and here is what it made me do. Cast my vote on India against corruption, and register myself as volunteer and did my 2 cents to spread the word. thanks for raising your voice. It will be heard.

  4. To be quite honest, after living in Russia (St.Petersburg) for six long years as a medical student, I was quite apprehensive, not to mention hesitant to return back to India. Its been almost two years since I returned, and I yet to come to grasp with the scenarios here.
    I miss Russia a lot. I miss the freedom, the independence, the closeness with my friends et all.
    Life, and people here are a lot different.
    Its certainly taking time for me to figure out my place amidst this chaos.
    Nevertheless its my country.
    I agree with u when u say 'dare to dream'.
    I suppose eventually it'll be up to us to reshape this country.
    Besides, its not like our geriatric politicians are gonna last forever!!!! :))

  5. if everyone talks about the same thing, how can we not be listened to?

    I am glad all us are doing our bit

  6. I loved this post specially the wya you have presented the facts! Yes if we boil it down to basics we are being cheated because we damnd to be cheated!!!! Sad but true!

  7. Zephyr -

    Yeah, people want to fight but are afraid. Afraid of the never ending wait it would lead to, afraid of the justice they would not get a taste of in courts and afraid of what might happen to them.

    Its an open fact that our babus gobbled up crores of rupees during CWG, and everyone came together and wanted law to look into the issue. Now, what could the law do to Kalmadi?

    BTW, you were linked in this post.

  8. Pramod -
    but looks like our politicians are above everything. they never seem to pay for their deeds. their hunger could never be satiated, not even the deaths of the poor and needy.

    Mayank -
    I read your comment on Purba's. What you said is true. Totally! Everyone of us encourage this corruption, at every level. And I must confess that not even today do I know how much money should I be paying and the formal procedure I should go through for breaking road rules. Because every time I was caught by a traffic police man, I used to think paying him money is the only way out.

  9. Vyas -

    Its only a matter of time, you will be used to it and you will like it all better in India. Chaos in our country is only because things have not streamlined yet, and the process has begun. With in this 63 years of our independence we have achieved a lot. and it is only recently major level of corruptions at political and social level have taken a rise, putting a check on it will significantly effect the growth of our country and help in reducing the chaos. and this is where we do our part in making ours a better place, by reducing the rich-poor gap and by bringing down the corruption

  10. Delhizen -
    Yeah, this could be the movement as Zephyr was saying! I am yet to read your post, will soon do that.

    Smita -
    Cheating and corruption is there in every country and we stand 87th based on a corruption index. but in our case the sad part is all this is contributing to the increase in economic gap between rich and poor. with so many people below the poverty line and with the increase in the money hungry politicians the situations only becomes a mess...

  11. spicy saturday post!! Way to go..

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    Feel free to share 1 to 3 old poems or random poems, cheers.

    Love your talent demonstrated here,
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  13. Well, to be frank i never know how to react to the corruption bug. most times, its just "What can i do" that reverberates.. may be we need to get opinions on what we can do, i refuse to pay bribes, and obey traffic rules! Lets see what else! :)

  14. Srikanth -
    Thank you boss!

    Barkha Dhar -
    Thanks a lot for reading this, and glad you liked my post.

    Jingle -
    Thank you!

    PsycheBubbles -
    Thank you very much for dropping by!
    That happens with everyone of us, but I think we should all stop being indifferent to contribute in a little way each of us can. That consciousness is what people should have. Most of us also think that how can a single person being honest will make any difference. and this is how everyone of us stop being honest in those little things.

  15. will tell you another india..there are roughly arund 31 million tax payers.. who are salaried.. so divide that by the 1.76 lac crore..and it comes to 50,000 rupees and that means... 4000 rupees a month.. that means.. if the govt had not sqandered this much money... we could have spent 4000 rupees more every month..

    i am surprised how a noted economist liek manmohan singh forgot this fact..? or is he an exaggerated economist...?

  16. Prashant -
    I wasn't worried about us spending, because ultimately it is the poor who are the most exploited. 4000 might not be a huge sum to us over a period of one year, but it means a lot to those who are on and below the poverty line. And since the tax we pay is meant to be spent on everyone in the country, we can not only the tax payers but everyone in the country were robbed and are being robbed everyday.
    I am sure Manmohan singh is an excellent economist, but I wonder if he is doing what he wanted to do amidst the struggle to maintain power and manage the power hungry people around him.

  17. Vee, I read this post long back, but was not able to comment.

    First, congrats for being the pick!!! well deserved... in fact many of your writings deserve it.

    But my honest opinion on the post is that, having a dream or a vision like that is ok, but it's a real tough job as corruption is ingrained in us, deeply.

    take care


  18. Loved the way you started the post.. very well written!

  19. Restless -

    I agree with you, each of us are corrupt in our own little ways. and we can call for honest rules only when we are honest. but that should not be the reason for politicians who steal millions of taxpayers' money will go free.
    And I am dreaming of a nation where honest people will not be harmed. Of a nation where thugs who rob millions of people's money will go punished. and such a dream can come true without all the people becoming saints as well.

    Dreamysap -
    Thanks a lot for your compliment.

  20. see corruption place in india and how we can remove there's corruption..


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