Sunday, February 13, 2011

Google Chrome for Blogging

We all know how the web browser from Google, Chrome, achieved huge popularity with in a very short span of its release. Chrome's popularity can be attributed to its light weight and speed apart from its friendly bookmarking feature and task manager capabilities. Now, Chrome has extended its capabilities further by introducing a Web store for apps (add-ons from third party).

Couple of days ago I have written a guest post at Latest Tech Tips maintained by Harshad, a technology blogger and Java developer. Please find my post below.

Google Chrome Apps For A Better Blogging Experience

It talks about how these apps can be used to make your blogging experience a better one. Go ahead and explore the app store.


  1. Love GC and hv been using it for a while but apart from the speed n light weight, it seems to lack security. The firefox has been better with giving more protection from pop-ups n spyware, I guess the Chrome needs more time, its still developing n I trust Google to come up with better versions soon. All in all I do love the GC.

  2. u made me search for chrome on my LP. installed it looong back and forgot abt it completely

  3. GC is fast, clear and concise. there,s always a "but". But, lol, we need to do something about those annoying and informationally critical Gmail crashes.

  4. Rads -
    Firefox has been around for a while, and what GC did in this short span is commendable. I felt GC did a better job with pop ups, not sure about the security though! And, I love the light weight aspect of all Google products.

    Satish -
    Thanks for your comment on my blog after a long while! Give it a try, it went a long way in the recent past.

    Ronald -
    Yeah, there is always a 'but'. I have been encountering these crashes even with Firefox of late.


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