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There are two types of people in this world.
Those who give up and kiss goodbye to the world, those who fight till the end no matter what!
Where do you belong?

Afraid of this materialistic world as an eight year old kid, Amar could have given up when he envied how peaceful his mother looked in death. But he didn't.

Unable to withstand the abuse by her malik where she worked as domestic help, Priti could have ended her life as she didn't have any where else to go and live. But she didn't.

After seeing his world - his wife and little child pulled away by death in the form of mud slides due to the floods, Raheel could have said goodbye to this world. But he didn't.

The long wait for monsoon didn't seem to end to Sivaiah. Not sure if pesticides would work on eliminating pests, but it  sure would have worked on him had he wished to end his life. But he didn't.

Not coping up with the expectations of an engineer father and doctor mother in academics in the competitive world, Vidya could have ended her life. But she didn't.

Brain-washed by the power hungry politicians, Nachiket could have set fire to himself in the name of a protest against ruling government. But he didn't.

Every goodbye is the birth of a memory, except death.
Try to become a memory, not history.
For history doesn't remember the weak!

  • Amar means long life. It's unfortunate that many children in our country experience a lot of physical and mental trauma due to poverty.
  • All Priti wanted is a little affection and love in her life. There are more than 11 million abandoned children in our country with 90% of them female. What are we doing to ourselves?
  • Raheel means the fearless one who shows way to others. It's important to have brave people to lead us, especially in the crucial times. This is also a reference to the current floods situation in Pakistan. May it all end soon.
  • Lord Siva sure has Ganga on his head, but not many such Sivaiahs who are taking their lives after untimely monsoon thrashes all the money and effort they put in their fields.
  • Suicides by students is one of the things that bothers me a lot. Why do they have to resort to such an extreme step? Isn't it true that today's students are tomorrow's future?
  • Nachiketa means fire. And these days we hear many such Nachiket's taking their lives for their politicians! I'm definitely talking about the Telangana issue.

All we need to do is give them a little support and help them face the challenges. I will do my best, I hope you will too.


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  1. Another post with a whole lot of real life examples. "Every goodbye is the birth of a memory, except death."
    a fantastic line there Vee.
    You have a knack for treating the topic with flair and hard-hitting facts from life in India.
    Vee, I wish you luck with this thought-provoking post at BAT-13 ..:D

  2. hi Vee, all the best for BAT.. ur post is again a strong one.. hard hitting and to the point..!

  3. Hey, your post is very hard hitting and has been brilliantly presented.All the best!

  4. Vee, you have done it once again. Captured my heart with your post. Beautifully written, love your style of writing by giving many examples pertaining to burning issues.

    Good work!! And your thoughts and ideas match mine, especially...

    "...could have said goodbye to this world. But he didn't."

    ATB for BAT 13!! :)

  5. Hard hitting and thought provoking post. Well written. All the best for BATOM.

  6. Vee,

    Nice but hard hitting post again sure did your work on what names mean...

    I like your ending point:
    "Every goodbye is the birth of a memory, except death.
    Try to become a memory, not history.
    For history doesn't remember the weak!"

    All the best for BAt 13 dear!

  7. Hey Vee! quite a different approach! i liked the way u chose names, priti, amar etc. wonderful! how nicely u have woven incidents. also it leaves a strong msg, don't give up on life, go on with courage. Like it! all the best for BAT! tk cr.

  8. Vibhuti - Thanks a lot for encouraging words. I'm very happy you liked my take on Goodbye.

    Leo - Glad you said my post is a strong one.

    Jaspreet - My presentation skills definitely improved from all my fellow blogatonics. I'm happy you liked my post.

    Rumya - You are the rock star! the poetess. if i'm able to capture your heart with my post i can do anything! :D And yeah this post is definitely not about giving up.

  9. Dreamer - Its definitely based on things we see, hear and read about! all i want to say is giving up is not the only way to deal with things.

    Amity - the names part was decided and incorporated in the end just before submitting the post. until then I was concentrating only on not giving up. Glad it had its effect.

    Restless - i loved your post too. its definitely on not giving up in life, isn't it? very happy you like my approach for the topic.

  10. "There are two types of people in this world.
    Those who give up and kiss goodbye to the world, those who fight till the end no matter what!"

    and where belong depends on the circumstances that we face...
    A strongest of the person sometimes gives up hope, specailly in depression when he feel that he can fight no more...
    Your post has touched the sensitive core of our insesitive society and those who survive are real heros.
    All the best Vee!!!

  11. This is awesome. It surely gives hope. I liked the examples and names you chose. I am truly inspired and impressed by this one. Good luck for the competition.

  12. Very well written post Vee! A realistic approach with excellent examples. Keep it up and all the best. =)

  13. Dear vee,

    A very Nice post , you weaved the words very well .. and Pictures gives extension to words and you have shown the realm of the time ..which actually pre-vails .

    Something need to be done...a change ..should start and it should start by self..really...others will follow it..

    Vee, All the Best for BAT !

    KS :)

  14. poignantly true...

    the image on my post is of a sunset in diveagar a beach resort near alibag, maharashtra

  15. i aplaud u for this post Vee... very hard hitting and so true... well done and keep up the good work... all the best for BAT!


  16. This was wonderful read ! Loved it !

  17. it was short, sharp and well directed...gr8 work..

  18. Beautiful examples on how not to give up. Thanks for writing this out, man. Very motivating indeed. Esp. the last three lines. Just too damn good!
    All the best!

  19. Nice, hard hitting and this one leaves an impression of positivity. Great post

  20. Great post. Never give up. all the best for Bat :)

  21. Pushpee - I do agree that conditions force people take extreme steps. I want to stress up on how a little support from people around can give hope to someone who thinks giving up is the only option.

    Arun - All I want is to convey my message. Very happy that this post got you inspired.

    R Zaib - Thanks a lot man!

    Vivek - Thanks for your encouraging words. It definitely has to start with self. Had I had the ability to Incept ideas into people's minds through dreams I will not mind to go do it. :)

    Magiceye - Thanks for dropping by! Thats a wonderful picture.

  22. Tavish - Very happy that you liked my post.

    Ugich, AdarshS - Thanks a lot for leaving your wonderful comments.

    Karthik - Very glad you liked it. Its the competition with fellow bloggers like you that brings out some good lines out of me. :)

    Phoenix Ritu - Thanks a lot for dropping by. I don't say that life is a bed of roses, but I urge people not to give up!

    Maddie - Never give up :)

  23. Very true and a clear picture of real life.. Good read.. Keep writing.. ATB for BAT

  24. Beautiful lines in the end.. :)

    real life examples make the most impact and you have presented it in a beautiful manner.. :)

  25. Hey another reality post which touched my heart, once again you deserve to be in the top three. Great...................

    All The Best for BAT 13.

    gmsaravana - Goodbye

    If you wish to save a heart, then do stop by Save a Heart! Initiative. Do take the pledge and vote if you wish..

    Yours Frendly,
    Someone Is Special

  26. Guddu, AV and Wise Donkey - Thanks a lot for your encouraging words. And thanks for dropping by!

    Sushobhan - This is what we keep reading/seeing in our news every other day and it made me write on this reality. I'm happy you liked my presentation.

    Saravana - Very happy to know that my post touched you. Thanks!

  27. Ah you completely altered the meaning of goodbye by mentioning examples of real-life examples where people show the courage to 'hold on' instead of saying goodbye. I like the way you viewed the 'theme'.
    All the best for BAT!

  28. Vee! urs is a winning post!!

    btw, what can we do about CWG issue? any ideas? I think, one can be we link our posts with each other and say its a chain of bloggers expressing views about this cause.... what say you?


  29. Another gem of a post frm u buddy.. the presentation is similar 2 last one bt the feel is new and more meaningful.. js loved those parting lines about every goodbye being the birth of a memory, except death. ATB :)

  30. You did some serious research on names! Very fitting, all of them. I personally feel that for every suicide, the people around them are entirely responsible.

    Loved "Every goodbye is a birth of a memory".

    All the best!

  31. Wow! Good to see people bring up topics that matter! I also appreciate the preparation that you must have put into this post.

    Liked it very much :)

    I especially liked the last lines:

    "Every goodbye is the birth of a memory, except death.
    Try to become a memory, not history.
    For history doesn't remember the weak!"

    So true!!!

    All the best for BAT!!!

  32. Simply touched with the examples though we see and read it often in the paper or TV yet You gave a nice new look with a willing hopeful quote lines present at the end.

    The lines simply made me day...very creative I must admit! Loved it!! Alas it's a sad topic!

    Sure you got a fan in me..I'm folloing you here and at FB too :))

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Wow!! This is a post on the relevant issues which plague our society! Very wonderfully expressed.
    All the best for BAT-13.
    Cheers :)

  35. A post laid out with perfection, again. The relevance of the names of the exemplified people and their moving accounts which are so true, was amazing.
    All the best for the contests.

  36. Samadrita - Thanks a lot for your encouraging words.

    Restless - I'm glad you liked my post and voted for it in Blogaton. I appreciate it :)

    Vipul - Congrats on winning buddy. And thanks for dropping by!

    Keerthi - Except for Raheel, I didn't have to do any research for the names. The part of the line you loved is actually a Dutch proverb.

    Mayur - Thanks a lot mate

    Rachana - You made my day girl. Thanks for following me on Fb and blogger.

    Shilpa - Thanks a lot

    D2 - Very glad you liked it. Thank you very much.

  37. great talented writing. i am at a loss how you find time for all this apart from studies.
    very inspiring.

  38. Vee,
    A very inspiring and practically so meaningful post. I really loved it. These words can be a strength to everyone. I would definitely be reading more posts from you.

  39. Maun Vision -
    Thank you very much for your comment. I become more passionate about Writing when I get comments like these!

    Barkha -
    Thank you very much for dropping by and for those encouraging words!

  40. Gr8 and a very emotional post, in fact one of the best that I have come across till now..!
    You are right on the thought that life is all about fighting and I discovered this fact by watching the movie "Fight Club", that movie does have a serious changing effect in one's life..!! :)

  41. Aniruddh -
    This post came as an emotional response to all the various things going on in News when I wrote. Well yeah! I think I would agree with what you said about fight club, I've been a fan of that movie and I have written about how that movie is dear to me in a different post here.

  42. Beautiful...and very uplifting. Thank you and if you don'y mind can i also call you Vee ?

  43. Shivani -
    Sure, you can call me Vee. :)


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