Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fun in Frozen Winters

This is the Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis completely frozen during winter. And this is how a typical day during winter is, in Minnesota. Personally, the least temperature I've experienced is -40Centigrade (which is also -40Farenheit) in December 2008. Fun place, isn't it?! :) 

Posted for Thursday photo challenge for fun and learning through photographs.



  1. Fun at -40 Degrees C!! A shiver has ran down my spine by just seeing the pic!! :P

  2. Ah Vee...I feel like we have so much in common...I've been in Fargo, ND(it's 4 hrs away from Minnesota) for sometime before moving to NY. Same story there. The max I experienced was -35 degrees. Oh it's such a pain dressing up with the double layer jackets and peacoats!! Damn! I hate winters since then :p

  3. What a beautiful photo! I've lived in Florida for many years and miss the snow SO much!

  4. As you take some great photographs, you might be interested in a photo challenge each month on my blog.

    It's called "5 on the fifth" - you either take 5 random pictures of something that happens to you on the 5th of September (or the days leading up to it) or perhaps go for my suggested theme. This month, the theme is The Blues.

    A link to past months can be found here:

    You add a comment on my blog on the 5th with your name, location and link where the pictures can be found.

    You can join the 5 on the fifth Facebook page too:

  5. Shilpa - it's quite an experience..

    Upasana - despite all the trouble and pain, i kind of like the winters :P

    Vicki - i can understand :D thanks for dropping by!

  6. Vee, V in delhi cannot even imagine how it is to be in -40C !!

    In hot summers, we should make this our wall paper!


  7. He he! It's one helluva experience you know!


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