Sunday, August 01, 2010

the dark dreams

A few motivations for this post:
  1. Christopher Nolan's take on dreams in Inception.
  2. A girl with vision impairment I came across while I was crossing the road the other day (She is very beautiful). Restless's post about dreams of a visually challenged girl also got me thinking about this. This got me thinking about the dreams in point 1.
  3. And, an article on research about controlling things on your PC with mind
  Photo Source: Jim Prigoff

I'm a person of dreams and memories. Memories of the past, and dreams for the future. More than 3 years ago I wrote a post My Dream Project on how and what all we need to capture and store dreams. Recently after seeing Inception I was glad to know that I'm not the only one who thinks a lot about dreams. And the movie is in agreement with my understanding about dreams and it also answered some of my questions.

Starting with in perfect agreement with Nolan's Inception on how dreams get influenced by our memories and experiences. Our mind fills up our dreams with the colors, contexts and emotions we come across in real life. But for people who are visually impaired, who don't have a visual perception of color, I wonder if they dream. If yes, how! A little research made me understand that for those whose vision is completely impaired since birth their dream is full of emotions and sounds. After all the advances man has achieved ever, can we not have technology taking care of completely eliminating this problem of vision impairment?

The article on mind controlling is an active research at University of Minnesota about controlling 3D virtual world with signals from your mind. All you would do is wear a cap with 64 electrodes on your head. This article got me thinking! Why not scientists make something to input the visual signals directly to the brain's nerve cells enabling them see in their mind, in dreams? I guess that would require a lot of reverse engineering on how human brain interprets visual signals. But I think its definitely worth putting in efforts for researching on enabling vision for the impaired using artificial methods. Nothing can replace the visual perception of nature for those people.

I hope technology emerges soon to help them dream not in dark. Just a wish, a dream!



  1. lol at the comment post :) i am sure u cant't generate elecricity through this!! yes it is interesting to make visually impaired dream . Results will paint colors for the black.

  2. i sure can. i cannot reveal all my research details here. we can take that offline :D

  3. What is the most resilient parasite? An Idea.
    Konchada Krishna Presents "DECEPTION" :P

    Brain has 3 trillion neurons and is the most complex network to get into.. Your idea is excellent but its really difficult to achieve it

  4. Today's science fiction is tomorrow's reality. The Internet had 8 billion pages in 2007, and with the exponential increase in its number by now it should be about a trillion. And still we have bots crawling through this entire complex network doing things for us. Although brain's network is in no way comparable to the Internet, I hope its just a matter of time to achieve greater things on human brain.
    Just a hope, for the greater good of the human race and for a better quality of life to those who are not as privileged as others in enjoying the colors of nature.


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