Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that IEEE is coming up with protocol standardization for inter vehicle communications? In near future, vehicles would communicate with each other to avoid road mishaps. With advance in GPS and mapping systems, soon we'll be safe travel experiences on driver-less vehicles. Hows that ? 

Did you know that Sony has recently patented 3D display systems that would enable 2 or 3 share their display system to play video games with personal perspective of 3D experience? Which is with you moving your head while playing games, the content on your TV/monitor would respond accordingly. Of course you cannot get rid of your 3D glasses yet! Bring out the gamer in you.

Did you know that very soon you'll be able to turn off lights in your apartment or control your TV at home from an iPhone app. UPnP technology will let you treat every damn electronic thing in your home as a network device and let you control remotely. Don't worry if you are not an iPhone freak, we'll have multiple options.

Did you know that 3D scanning technologies are picking up to revolutionize the way we do apparel shopping online? With a secure central repository of your 3D body scan which you would get done every once in a while whenever you think you've grown fat or gone thin, you can try the apparel virtually. Shop better!

Our future is bright! Definitely... 


P.S.: More such stuff to come soon!


  1. Did you know? I didn't know any of these except sony 3D!!

    Way to go.. Blogging!!

  2. The third one was kind of my would boost up online shopping trends..Like suggestions on what would look good on you etc given they have a sample fo ur 3 d structure.That would imply personal infringement too may be.

  3. Srikanth - Thanks a lot. :D

    Lav - oh yeah, before someone gets to market with this idea why not we start our own branding with this concept? We can become rich. what say ?


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