Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Itasca State Park

This week's Photo Theme for Thursday is Outdoors. Here it is, a photo shot in the 8 mile bike trail in woods at Itasca State Park, Wisconsin last summer. This is shot using a regular point and shoot camera. Go green!



  1. Biking on such a path would be simply awesome. The green of the trees is so striking and lovely! :)

  2. isn't it adobe photoshopped?Looks like that to me ..

  3. lav - thats a wonderful compliment. thank you :P

    Shilpa - ya, i had a wonderful time biking. and shortly after i clicked this picture it rained heavily. I along with some friends didn't give up biking thought :)

  4. A beautiful photograph, Yours sincerely

    Happy Thursday!


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