Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Living in Minnesota gives me a very good opportunity to go to beaches with scenic beauty of Lake Superior. When I came across the theme "Blue" I thought it should be cake walk for me to submit an entry as I have tons of pictures lying around clicked on various occasions. This one clicked using a normal point and shoot camera is one of the best clicked in Duluth, Minnesota last summer.


Friday, July 23, 2010

Trip to Apostle Islands

I never thought I would get back to blogging again. I was frustrated for a variety of reasons and gave up completely. But then, it was while planning our trip to Apostle Islands along with friends for the July 4th long weekend in the US I realized the importance of blogging. Earlier, I used to keep track of all my travel details in my blog so that it would help others. I still see people stopping by my blog while looking for travel details to Devarayanaradurga, Nandi Hills and other places around Bangalore. That is some inspiration, isn't it? Now, here I'm with all of you back in the blogosphere.

Enough said about my come back story, Apostle Islands are a group of Islands in Lake Superior in Wisconsin. Some of the islands are named after 12 Apostles (no great story behind the islands being named after Apostles, it was done by Jesuits who drew the first maps), and hence the name Apostle Islands. More here  and wiki.
A glimpse of what we experienced from the lens of my dear friend.
In the picture above, the land in the far end is Madeline Island, the largest island of the group.
View of some of the islands on our way to Raspberry Island from the shore in a cruise.

We were supposed to start on Saturday morning, but out of all excitement we hit the roads by 2:00 in the night. After a brief halt for Sunrise view in Duluth and a plethora of kodak moments clicked, we headed to Washburn - a small town near the coast despite our GPS directing us into woods. 

I will not further bore you by overloading with teeny weeny details of the trip, but a few highlights here:
  • Frisbee in the ice cold waters of Lake Superior
  • Savoring freshly picked juicy strawberries for breakfast
  • Enjoying chilled beer sitting on the shore
  • The nonstop July 4th fireworks extravaganza at Bayfield
  • Cruise to Raspberry Island from Bayfield shore is one helluva experience
  • Delicious food on Madeline island and in the bay
  • Miss. Rosy (?) who paid our check at lunch for no reason
  • And, all the chitter-chatter and arguments over little nothings

 The pictures above are from another good friend and photographer in the making! :)

All right guys.. Now you know where you are going, so put on your travel hat!!


P.S.: I've been procrastinating posting this stuff since past three weeks. I'm glad I did it now!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

speaking my mind

"That doesn't matter at all, does it ?" Carlos said.
"Ah Carlos! Why do you think so? To me it makes perfect sense. You should have this."
"Think logically, will I really need all that fancy shit -- but yeah. Meager part of it is."
"You see, now you are talking.."
"Um..hmm.." I started laughing and he joined. He always does with his typical laugh with occasional snorting. 
"Sonofabitch, you are a pisser Rony". He continues laughing and his entire body shakes.

Its dark everywhere around. I can barely see the other side of Carlos' face in the light from a distant car. His long greying beard and his scruffy hair are making interesting shiny patterns. And that faint smell, I wonder what kind of shit he carries in his car.

As the car is getting filled with our violent laughter in unison in otherwise silent night, I emptied a couple of 7.65 mms from my Type 77 pistol into his chest with all the precision. All I have to make sure is to wait for the train at the railway crossing to blow its mandatory honk at this time. A couple more missed bullet shots, and a little ransacking of the car. Carlos is another victim of the increasing street mobbing problem. Simple!
"Thats something...", I could not stop wondering why Carlos is carrying so much money with him.

That's how it always works with us. No emotional heart thumping monologues of verses from Bible in front of the victims. Nobody ever gonna tell you that they're gonna kill you. Your murderers come as your friends, they are the ones you know. The ones you think they cared for you. And the blood, I just hate the mere sight of it. But this is something I cannot avoid. I would also love to have some cleaner ways of doing things. Unfortunately that doesn't work for me.

This is me, Rony. I tell you, the big guys are a little crazy. What starts as a friendly argument over drinks turns into a fist-less scuffle very quickly. And they want to kill each other. Mindless egotistic jokers. Now this is where I come. The Friendly Face. The Good Samaritan. The Helping Hand.

I was this proud kid earning more than anyone else in the neighborhood for running errands for the hoods across the street. The errands used to differ from delivering goodies to exploding cars for the bosses. Gradually, I created a special role for myself in the hood fraternity. And, here I'm doing my profession with all the dedication. After-all work is worship.

P.S. An attempt at narrative style. Certainly Pulp Fiction had its impression on me, and so did many of the gangster movies.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


This post won me Silver Blog-a-tonic award of the month (Silver BATOM).
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"Between the wish and the thing, life lies waiting." - Anonymous 

Ciuadad Juarez, Mexico - Gabriela is a daughter of a businessman. She has everything she wanted, except that she cannot go out without her security guards. Out of the fear of extortion threats by the local mafia she was not allowed to play with her friends. Like any other kid she wanted to go out freely and play. One day, in their huge mansion, amidst the colorful walls with fancy paintings light by the magnificent chandeliers were a group of finely dressed happy people waiting for her to cut her birthday cake. She stared at everyone and with a grin blew those five candles at once, and made a silent wish. 


Bali, Indonesia - Dian is an orphan. He had been through lot of rough times since his childhood. But he always believed in hard work and finally made a decent job. He met a girl recently through a friend and never before was he so happy in his life. After meeting her frequently for some time, he made up his mind and proposed and she happily accepted. All he wanted is to make a happy family which he never had and they planned to get married. A day before his marriage, he went out along with friends and was gazing in the sky thinking about his marriage. He spotted a shooting star and quickly made a wish.


Santo Andre, Brazil - Isabel is born with a congenial limb deficiency. When she was 2 years old, her left leg was amputated till knee. Her mother is a dancer by profession and she always wanted to be like her mother. Once during spring time she went to the nearby fields along with her father. The dandelion puffs in the fields reminded her of the story her mother told when she was a kid about how they are signs of hope. She picked one, made a wish and blew the dandelion.  


Philadelphia, USA - Cody was a perfectly healthy kid until he was recently diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis, which is quite rare in kids. Despite being terminally ill, he dresses up head to toe in support of his favorite Philadelphia Phillies team for every ball game and cheers for them from his bed in the hospital. He always wanted to spend time with the members of his favorite team. When volunteers from Make-A-Wish foundation visited him in the hospital and asked him what he wanted, he knew it exactly. He made his wish. 


Ranchi, India - Sujata is a single mother working in a construction company. Ever after her husband deserted her with their two kids, she took the responsibility of earning bread by working hard. All she wanted is to make sure she could feed both her kids every day, but thats not an easy task for her. Just like every other day, on her way to work she stopped for a minute near the Ganesh temple. She closed her eyes fervently , mumbled a small prayer and made her only wish.


As kids when we played marbles, we always started with equal number of marbles per player. I *wish* life also follows the same logic and gives everyone equal opportunity to begin with. On the ending note, may all their wishes come true.
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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Google Command Line

Looks like some geek has coded up this new command line feature GoogleCL -, where google users can use their popular services (picasa, blogger, docs etc) from Command Line. Its a sure joy for many geeks out there. Right now, I'm composing this post from my command line. Haven't yet figured out how to post a picturefrom command line, but for now I'll take a screen shot and post the picture later from the browser. Atleast, its fun doing all this!

Edit: Attaching this screenshot for personal satisfaction using the browser UI  :D
Introducing the Google Command Line Tool - Google Open Source Blog

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Night in the woods

She could hear his heart beat amidst the sound of ticking clock. Fifteen past one, she could not sleep thinking of their happy moments.

The faint noise in the woods turned into heavy ramming of their cabin's door. A solitary tear and a drop of sweat trickled her cheek as she mumbled a silent prayer.

P.S.: This is my first attempt at 55 Fiction - a short story in less than or equal to 55 words.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Do you?

I know some of these are a little crazy, but -

  • Do you feel a strong urge to open airplane's door when its up in the air, and prepare yourself with a stronger mental resistance to not do that?
  • Do you check for number of calories on a beer can instead of alcohol percentage?
  • Do you close all your window blinds due to fear of lightnings when it rains heavily?
  • Do you feel scared to see huge pictures of spatial objects but cannot avoid having a look at them?
  • Do you feel choked for a few seconds when you go under your shower?

I'd love to see your own do-you's in the comments! 

Thursday, July 01, 2010

now here

Apparently "no where" is not the right usage for the meaning it obviously suggests but nowhere is. Its been quite a hiatus, past one year since I donned my invisible hat on blogosphere. Eventful although not fruitful, it has let me face a bag full of experiences. And some for sure will leave their trail in the coming many years. I now want to squeeze in a space between those two words  and change my status to now here. Thought of putting an end to my blog and going ghost for ever, but could not just do it. I feel like I've mentally grown more than what I would in that given time. My profile picture kind of reflects me now. I hope its all for the good.

Water in a pond takes long enough time to settle and become still compared to what one have to spend in disrupting its stillness. This is the case with me in making friends - after all the time it takes for me to make friends, it doesn't take much time for them or me to move away in pursuit of career opportunities. "People" moving away always takes its toll on me. But, I know its a wonderful life and making the best out of it is more important than worrying about things.

On the more general note - has a new cool look now. Users can customize their templates. I made some changes to my page, and I'm happy with its fresh look.

That is it for now folks. Wish you all the best with your endeavors. Take care.