Thursday, July 01, 2010

now here

Apparently "no where" is not the right usage for the meaning it obviously suggests but nowhere is. Its been quite a hiatus, past one year since I donned my invisible hat on blogosphere. Eventful although not fruitful, it has let me face a bag full of experiences. And some for sure will leave their trail in the coming many years. I now want to squeeze in a space between those two words  and change my status to now here. Thought of putting an end to my blog and going ghost for ever, but could not just do it. I feel like I've mentally grown more than what I would in that given time. My profile picture kind of reflects me now. I hope its all for the good.

Water in a pond takes long enough time to settle and become still compared to what one have to spend in disrupting its stillness. This is the case with me in making friends - after all the time it takes for me to make friends, it doesn't take much time for them or me to move away in pursuit of career opportunities. "People" moving away always takes its toll on me. But, I know its a wonderful life and making the best out of it is more important than worrying about things.

On the more general note - has a new cool look now. Users can customize their templates. I made some changes to my page, and I'm happy with its fresh look.

That is it for now folks. Wish you all the best with your endeavors. Take care.



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