Sunday, February 15, 2009

latest news about self

    Its a mix of self realizations, good and bad news related to me -
    • With all these career fairs and things happening, I had to dress myself formally. And I realized, I hate formals!
    • Though she doesn't do a variety of roles in her movies, I am impressed by her. I'm liking Genelia D'Souza.
    • Its been coffee, coffee and more coffee recently, got a coffee flask recently.
    • This sem is lot busier than the previous one, and it presumably gets more busier in a couple of days.
    • My lil puppy back at home died due to health complications.
    • Watched a few movies this weekend and spoke to a good friend after real long time.
    Hope everyone is doing good out there.
    Hakuna Matata. 


    Update 1 (Last few mins of 17th Feb): I've a piece of paper from my notebook which travelled all the way to my home, back in India, and came back to me. Lucky thing!


    1. Sorry about your puppy! Well, atleast now he/she is not in pain.

      I've noticed, Spring sems do get harder, I also think its cause of the sucky winters we live in. I shouldnt complain. You are in a worse situation.

      Anyway, Good luck. :D

    2. hakunamatata. it's long since i heard this. thanx for reminding me there's something called as this

    3. u forgot abt ur asstship dude. Isn't it a gud news?

      and offlate i have been hearing this hakunamatata a lot

    4. :) tried none, but a diff version.. by Chef Srikanth ;)

    5. Hey! Lovely blog. I'm late for school !! Will come back and comment on your post ! :)
      Tc !

    6. cute lill puppy...shall rest in peace!! :)

      no change in her variety of change in ur appreciations/preferances!! ;)

    7. Gud luck for the busier sem! :)

    8. @ asmita -
      The other day I felt the weather was getting better, and suddenly it snowed heavily in the evening...

    9. @ satish -
      you must have watched Jalsa movie
      right, its in one of the songs as well :)

      @ Dr. Srikanth -
      I have two srikanth's commented in my blog, i need a way to differentiate u both and hence ur doctoral degree is used :P

    10. @ Chef Srikanth -
      it happens, i ended up trying one recipe and ended up making different ones lots of times

      @ Cursed -
      thanks for dropping by :)

    11. @ Pravee -
      thanks dear for the wishes! i really can't change my preferences. at least she is good in doing the roles she is choosing when compared to others in the larger lot. :P


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