Thursday, May 24, 2007

My "Dream" Project

How would it be to capture dreams in a storage device?
A wierd thought isnt it, but its very important for someone like me who dreams almost everyday. Most of us do, but the best part is I remember my dreams without much content loss (including characters, locations, background, colors n all) for a day or two after I dream about something!! Some dreams occupy a permanent place in my brain, though I really can't give a qualitative analysis of the nature of such dreams.

At the age of 6, I used to dream, recurringly, of a seven hooded big snake following me when I was going to school in rickshaw. Science says Recurring dreams are common and they are the result of certain situation or problem in life that keeps coming again and again. But do you think, that large seven hooded snake was a problem which I repetitively came across in my 6 yrs of life then? Or may be the snake wanted Lord Krishna of this Kalyug to dance on it again on its hoods. Thats entirely a different story, lets come back to our discussion. The N repetitions of this dream made me remember it so well that even now I can, frame by frame with proper cinematography shoot a short movie with every minute content of the dream in it. I mention all this to stress upon the culprits causing crunch in dreamspace (my memory space where in all the dreams gets saved temporarily or permanently), and eventually leading me to think of a mechanism to capture my dreams.

How should I give it a start? What all will I need in getting started? Definitely subjects. They will be the people on whom I experiment by plugging some machines to their heads when they are asleep. I have two excellent subjects with me, my friends with whom I share the rented house. Now, whats next? Assuming that my project is a success, I should decide upon the video format into which captured dreams are to be encoded. So I need a video encoder and its player. Great going aint it? Guess, I'm half way through with my requirements gathering.

There is one more fix in this, all the dreams I get are not so continuous and I think its the same with everyone; some have breaks in between and some dreams start or end abruptly. Lets think of the dreams with breaks, they are just information loss rather some frames are lost. Quite recently I have dreamt of something, of which I am not sure whether I shud call it funny or upsetting. In my dream, I was called by the co where I did my internship for a party. I was having great time with the sumptuous food and cool cocktails. And there was a tree in the company which people climb n practise mountaineering. There was a break in my dream and all of a sudden I was flying high in a parachute which never wanted to come down. I was flying up n up till it became totally dark and thats it, EOD (end of dream). What to do with these kinda dreams? I remember listening to a lecture sometime back, where in if some frames of a video are lost they can be simulated back by some advanced extrapolation techniques. This is fantabulous, an interesting idea leading to application of many more. Knowledge in this can help me in the construction of lost bits of dreams.

Apart from all this, I definitely need gigs of memory to save all these dreams. But this is not at all an issue. Also I might have to design my own hardware to get the functions done. I can imagine lotsa wires and other hardware stuff running around the heads of my subjects. For all this to be done, I need knowledge of hardware stuff too. Whoa, where is all this going. But no way, this is my dream project and I am not gonna put an end to the very thought of doing it. Now that most things are ready, lemme give this project a start.
Good night! :)


  1. Wierd thought!!well said

  2. It is just amazing, how creative you are...

    Now, I understand which sect of people got this techy revolution going...

    Hats off!

  3. You can defy experiment on mine.
    ofcourse my head I mean :P

  4. @kasha
    thanks a ton for ur comment, but u must make sure that i'm not one among the people who got techy revolution goin :-)

    thanks buddy for volunteering to be my subject :D


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