Friday, May 25, 2007

Rapid Tech Change

Hari: "Hi ra! You understood the science lesson today?"

Ramu: "Rajeswari teacher's class? Did u see the posters of new movie? It’s stuck all over"

Pramod: "I saw, the hero is cool in the posters."

Hari: "The lesson…"

Pramod: "hope there are good fights"

Ramu: "and songs too."

Hari: "But the lesson.., what is the name of the movie?"

On seeing the tutor, all the thirty odd students waiting for their tuition to begin, wished him in unison
"Good Evening sir".

Sir: "Good evening, today we will learn Pythagoras theorem"

The chalk made a screeching sound on the black board as the tutor wrote "Pythagoras Theorem" and underlined it.

Sir: "In any right angled triangle, the square of hypotenuse is equal to sum of squares of other two sides."

The screeching sound paused temporarily.

"Listen to me when I teach you, later I will give u time to make a note of it."

And the most irritating sound resumed again.

"Let ABC is a right angled triangle with sides AB and BC at right angles to each other."

Ramu: "And you know who the heroine is?"

Ramu was quietly whispering into Hari's ears while the tutor was deeply engrossed in filling his black board.

Hari: "Shhh dont talk, Sir will punish us."

Sir: "...........AB square + BC square = AC square"

"Hence Proved."

"Now, try to understand this while copying it into your note book. I will be back in 10 mins."

The tutor left the room, to take care of students of other classes. Tutors make a good fortune in that town, as almost all the students take tuitions. This is because most parents (rather mothers) are not educated to the extent of helping kids with their courses. And this reason always makes sense, as mothers feel relaxed without kids at home when its time for their favorite unending tele-serials.

Pramod: "You know what, my daddy saw a cell phone when he went to Hyderabad. He says it is very costly."

Ramu: "Arey, is it true that if we have a cell phone, we have to pay money for receiving calls also?"

Hari: "But why should we pay money if we receive a call, in normal phones we pay money only when we make calls na?"

Pramod: "Yes ra, my daddy also told this. He also told that more money is charged if we receive calls than to making calls from cell phone."Hari: "Then I won’t attend calls on my cell phone. I will only call."

Ramu: "Hari is verry intelligent."

The innocent Hari blushed at Ramu's statement taking it in true sense.

"Can we make calls to normal phones from cell phones?"

Pramod: "We can make but it will be costly itseems."

"My daddy also said in the coming years, cell phone costs will reduce. Then we will buy one."Hari: "I will ask my daddy also to buy one."

Ramu: "Me too."

And the tutor entered the room just when Ramya was giggling in response to the comments made by Srilatha on Supriya's dress. This made all stop their brain storming sessions on various issues.

That was me with my friends ten years ago. We werent, then, aware that Roaming feature is what we were discussing. Time has changed and technology has improved so well that each of us now owns a personal mobile phone.

But now, this is the way two college going students talk to each other.

Rahul: "Hey buddy, how ya doin?"

Rohan: "I'm doin great dude. Luk what my dad has got for me. Sony Ericcson W550"

Rahul: "Woww, walkman phone! Thaz kool."

Rohan: "I envy u dude, I still have the old Nokia 6600 with me"


  1. and again.. i liked this one too..

    hope i wud see something uninteresing and irritating from you :P!!!

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  3. I liked the 10 year back conversation...its funny but sounds very true :)

  4. its true n i'm one among them :-)


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