Monday, May 21, 2007

Me & My Mini Marathon

My friends started calling me crazy n insane as I got food poisoned after participating in the Cross Over's 5.5 Kms IT Run, though there is no obvious relation between me running in a marathon and getting food poisoned. Its not one's insanity that makes him/her participate in a run, its the satisfaction one gets out of it and the pride of completing it.

I am somehow interested in walks and treks, but becoz of my grt fitness levels it always was a distant dream to participate in a marathon (running half marathon - 21.1 kms or full marathon - 42.2 kms is not so easy; it needs fitness, stamina and practise). But its nomore an unfulfilled dream, thanks to Cross Over for conducting this IT Run which is just 5.5 kms. Next time lemme try half marathon.

People of various age grps, right from 12 yr old kid to 60 yr old man, participated in the marathon. Ofcourse, gals too. :D And its a great feeling to see the energy of the people, to be a part of the huge crowd running for a cause and to see the people cheering around you. The drums and all to cheer up the runners made us dance amidst our run :) The photographers, cameramen and the news reporters around you make u feel like a hero. Arent these enuf to answer ur Question "Why shud I participate in a marathon?"


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