Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ivaru namma henDati

Knowing Kannada in Bangalore is a great advantage. Though one can manage without it, to deal with autorickshaw people mainly we better know the language. To help us in learning the language, the HR in our company took an initiative by starting "Learn Spoken Kannada" sessions.

In the first session, we had many doubts which is quite natural.

One of us asked the instructor "How do we ask some one whether he/she is married?".

The instructor understood his problem and with a grin on his face said "Ninnage madhuve aagidhiya?". In continuation to this, he also told "ganDa means husband and henDati means wife".

On teaching these two words he said "Now frame the sentence 'This is my wife'."

In reply one of the prospective kannada students told "Ivaru namma henDati".

The instructed laughed out of his lungs and said "Only pandavas can use that sentence as it means 'This is OUR wife'." :-)


  1. Very funny. :)
    Anyways what is the correct way to say it?

  2. 'Ivaru nanna (my) henDati' can be used as 'namma' means 'our' & 'nanna' means 'my'

  3. Yeppie!

    You pass the exam !
    was testing if you realy know kannada !


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