Monday, May 28, 2007

It ain't that easy, but itz not impossible

Life ain't that easy. As a kid of 5 years old when I said "Papa! I don' wanna go to school", the answer came in a warm affectionate voice "Nah baba, u shudnt say this, for this day and evening we shall play". And this ritual continued till I was mature enough to say "Papa! Do I have to write these exams all the time?". Again the answer came in a friendly voice "Tenth class is very important in life, once done wid this u'll be a free bird". I was done with my SSC exams, and yeah I was a free bird. But then life is difficult, the free bird was caged in a hostel and this time my elder bro in an encouraging voice said "Intermediate (11th & 12th) is turning point in anyone's life, a success story in it assures u of successful future". Many things assure us but thtz just assurance, we gotta work hard to get them. Despite the customizable definition of success, I can say my 12th ended successfully and this time its my lecturer to remind me of life said "Buddy this aint end of it, the real game starts now n u gotta work hard there too tho ppl don' say that". Does that mean lifez gonna become easy after engineering? Had to wait for four years for the answer. Time passed by to place me into the real corporate world, and this time lifez difficult wid my superior sitting next to me screwing me for all petty things, making me do all menial tasks and what not. Life aint easy, itz difficult.

But there was a revolution in my thought process, yeah I call it revolution coz itz so important, after I came across two blind people in a city bus quite recently. People felt sorry for them as they were asking many others in the bus to let them know when their stop comes. But I felt, from the confidence in them, that they never wanted anyone to feel sorry for them. They talked to fellow commuters, had fun, never hesitated to ask others for help, and more importantly, I felt and thats true, its their attempt to see the world around them from the eyes of others. Now, all that they require is our support but not sympathy. Life ain't that easy for people like them, but they challenge it and face it. And they made me realize 'life aint easy, itz difficult but isn't impossible'.

It ain't that easy, but itz not impossible. You gotta make it if u want to see ur name in the annals of history. Its 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentration and power of will, 5% pleaure, 50% pain and 100% reason to remember the name. See this video:


  1. Ohh godd!!
    tht was a very good description!
    Really very well crafted !

  2. Thats one of the best ones i have read recently...too ouching but so very true!!! keep the tempo going dude!!!

  3. @vijay, sushma, raps, saurabh
    thanks a lot :-)

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  5. @ reach mentor -
    thnx a lot for the compliment n thnx 4 visiting my blog.


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