Monday, March 26, 2007

Shattered Hope...

There is a limit to have hope on someone.. And those who shatter your hopes continuously, can be marked HOPELESS.
I am one among the many fools to offer prayer on the morning of 23rd March 2007 so that Men in Blue will do well.
But they are so consistent in maintaining their form, they lost very easily..

The number of movies coming up in India with cricket as the theme, and the various albums best portraits the hope the 1 Billion people have in the team...
Despite all this we now know the result..

To boast, the team has the senior most players, they have many records, they have a great talent..
But they lack the zeal to win, the aggression, the dedication and the confidence to give them all the strength..

All they see is only money, they get out of contracts as Brand Ambassadors..
They would definitely when they play for the sake of winning, not just for the sake of playing..

They need confidence, an entirely different mindset that they can defend any team...
To quote a dialogue from Sye (Telugu movie) which aptly suits the situation.
"Otami satruvu rupamlo raadu. Bhayam roopamlo manalonunde vastundi" meaning "Defeat doesnt come in the form of the enemy, it takes the form of fear within us and overtakes us"

Team India - Learn not to lose, be confident and be aggressive.. You can make it!!!


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