Monday, August 18, 2008

My Journey

Subcontinent -> Land of Opportunities

Bangalore -> Minneapolis

Garden City (?) -> City of Lakes

Software Engineer -> Grad Student

Bagmane Tech Park -> UMinn Campus

Desi galz -> Galz of many nationalities ;)

Hope this transition works out great. Hope I will have lotsa fun here.

PS1: Bangalore was then called Garden City. But the traffic and pollution these days doesn't make the name Garden City suitable to it.
PS2: Minnesota, as they say, has more than 10,000 lakes in it.
PS3: Visited one, Lake Calhoun few days back. Its damn good.
PS4: River Mississippi flows through Minneapolis also. Went on for a walk on Stone Arch Bridge here which was constructed across that.
PS5: As of now it feels great here.
PS6: Miss you all people!


  1. Hey enjoying out there...?? Cool man!!

  2. Enjoy Dude...

    How is it like to be a student again?

  3. @ outlook, sandy -
    ye, in a way enjoying! but life as a student here is damn different, and that too after working for a while in India and coming here to study makes it damn more different..

    @ sri -
    yep pappy!

    @ bindu -
    thanQ :)

  4. hello,

    ya havent updated for a long time, seems u r njoying in US , i m not.Waiting to go back home..

  5. i am supposed to stay for an year or so, but i m not sure if i'll stay that long

  6. nah, work is fine,

    just a bit homesick

  7. ya, but none whom i know very well..nd most imp, not any girls here.
    Anyways, it shud be fine with time. So whats up with you, how are things going

  8. Lord Emsworth does not like ppl who write loas of PS.

  9. In future I'll definitely not do things that Lord Emsworth is not impressed with.


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