Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Death

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"Live my life too son!"
Amidst the whirring sound of the fan in the otherwise calm room Sireesh was lying on his bed. Lying motionless. Though he could follow sleep wake cycles and was able to open his eyes, he could still not make any slightest movent. Those were the last words his father spoke to him from his death bed after the road accident. Dr. Harish never knew what was waiting for his son. Deep down his heart Sireesh was feeling very sad for what had happened to him. He was sweating profusely and his entire body went shaking for a few minutes and Sireesh fell unconscious for almost one complete day. After he woke up, he found a new bunch of bottles being injected into his body. Doctors were asking him not to think of anything, though they were not sure whether he would be able to hear what they were saying. He was gazing blank at the rotating fan.

"Ek do teen char band karo ye atyachar", he remembered the way he shouted along with his friends during the cultural programmes in his college days. And he remembered the way his father used to feed him food when he was little. His mother praising him when he stood class first when he was young and his teacher punishing him for forging his marks card when he scored less than what he used to always. His dying father and the incident which got him to this state, everything was flashing. Frames of all these incidents were flashing in his mind one after another. All this left Sireesh wondering "They say every moment of our life flashes in our mind just before we die. Am I dying?"

Sireesh started feeling sick. He could feel his stomach muscles churning inside. "Am I dying?" The question still remained unanswered. He felt the answer will be in affirmative which he strongly wanted not to be. He started thinking again "I am supposed to live my dad's life too, am I dying? Who will take care of my mom? How will she react when she finds me dead in my bed?..." He was in a conflict of thoughts and suddenly Sireesh was not able to keep his eyelids open anymore. May be it's time, he was dying!

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  1. he was really dying..

    thanks for visiting me, hv been really busy.. so whr are u nowadays? India..US?

  2. not sure as of now! :)
    in India, will be leaving for US in a week.

  3. waiitng to read the next part. (praying god that sireesh will live long and healthy)

  4. Namaste writer anna, mastu rastunnav gade.

  5. @ sandy -
    haha, am not sure if he will!

    @ srikanth -
    thanQ thanQ

  6. waiting for the next part....
    well written


  7. @ outlooked -
    thanks bro! shl sure write more when i find time..

    @ disturbed stranger -
    thanks a lot for visiting my blog page. keep visiting!

  8. Ilanti sad stories raasavante thanthaanu :x...

  9. @ sushma -
    :P mari next part kosam fans waiting akkada! wat do i do?

  10. mast rasav ra....jus read it again...was almost into tears at the end!!... [eppudu ardam ayindi sushma enduku tittindo!]

    gr8 work :)

  11. nee fans ekkadiki poru....choosava u pulled me bac again! ;)


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