Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pitiful state

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Have you ever felt how it will be to get trapped inside a wooden coffin? Have you ever imagined your situation where you can see and listen what is happening around, but no one can hear what you speak or you are paralyzed to speak? Have you ever felt the pain of not being able to express what you feel or what you want to the people around you? Well, its not much different from a patient who is in Persistent Vegetative State, where in the patient can't respond to things around him, even with the slightest body movement.

On receiving utmost care and best treatment, ten months after that fateful night, Sireesh showed slight improvement. He would now follow sleep-wake cycles, occasionally blink his eyelids in response to his mother's words, who takes care of him. Doctors don't feed him anymore with the food pipe, his mother would sit beside him for hours and feed him spoonfuls of some liquid stuff along with the regular dosages of potions suggested by the doctors. But, the reason for his breakdown is still a mystery. He would stare at the ceiling of the room in which he rests, may be thinking and reminiscing about what happened that night. All he can do is think, but not tell about that night to the people around him. Had eyes got the ability to express completely, we would have known what happened that fateful night; but in this state Sireesh's eyes can only roll tears down his cheeks every now and then!

Sireesh was born to a doctor couple, Dr. Harish Ramanathan and Dr. Saritha got married with their parent's consent after falling in love with each other while doing their doctor practice. Dr. Harish died few years ago in a road mishap and since then Sireesh's mother took his complete responsibility, and she is terribly depressed with his son's pitiful fate for which the reason is still not known. Her only wish now is to see his son fit and completely healthy someday!

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  1. Hey, what happened that night?

    and thanks for visiting my blog

  2. that very first sentence itself made me claustrophobic...!!!!
    i've come across few of such cases though!!
    i understand how it feels being a medical student!!!
    do u know these people??

    n yaa
    thnx for commenting!!!

  3. WOW yaar....its a damn interesting short story.

    Are you writing more on this??

    Its quite mysterious and worth reading.

    Keep the good work going.


  4. hey i didn't knew about something like this!!..i am curious to know the reason behind his present state...

  5. @ enigma, sahiti
    even i'm not sure what happened that night. yet to think abt the reason for Sireesh's present state.

    @ blue funk
    no i do not know anyone in person suffering from such a problem.

    @ Intutius
    thanks dude, shall definitely write more on this

  6. ohhh interesting!!!!
    so wht lead u to think of this situation??

  7. felt sorry for Sireesh. all i can do is pray for his good health and wish his mom all the best. mom's gr8.

  8. @ charizma -
    few months back i came across an article on this PVS. so, while writing this post I thought why not use this.
    Btw, are u the one who commented previously with the name 'blue funk'?

    @ satish -
    yeah true, mom is indeed great

    @srikanth -
    thanks sirjee

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  10. The story was so realistic that I was fooled into thinking that it was true!!

  11. Hmm! I will think about it and try to fill the gaps. Though I know for a fact that I can't match your creativity, it is good to give a shot. Please bless me in my endeavor.

  12. me too thought tht was real story dear :D....may b a cut out of a paper...gr8 stuff ..keep the going!!, dear author :))

  13. @ sri -
    thanks man. its a piece of fiction :)

    @ kasha -
    i will be more than happy if u do that coz even i didnt think of the reason for his illness.

  14. @ pravi -
    thanks a ton, dear reader :P

    @ rajeshwari -
    thanks for visiting my blog

  15. hmmm..I too thought it's real story.It is not .Hey while writing stories, don't end it abruptly. I mean for themes like this.It would be more schematic if you describe all the surroundings, cause etc.I know that would end up in pages long .Good going :).

  16. Reminds me of munna bhai mbbs kid :)

  17. @ lava -
    ya sure, will definitely follow ur advice. but a bigger post will not grab reader attention unless its really interesting. so trying to keep the posts small n may be write more at a later point of time in a different post.

  18. Hey, i droped by again .There seems to be a bit silence here, i am waiting for your next post on this story.

    I have updated my post as well, would be nice if you do drop by.


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