Tuesday, March 11, 2008

That Night

It was a pleasant night with cool breeze and full moon up above, the silence occasionally broken by the whistles of the patrolling watchman; a pleasant sight of the ever busy city. Dressed in his usual khaki shorts and black sleeveless tee Sireesh was on the terrace of his 11-storeyed apartment with the iPod plugged to his ears. But he was not his usual self that night. He was restless. Damn restless.

It was his usual routine to party hard on a Saturday night, and without any exception he followed his Saturday routine on that day too. With all the enthusiasm he danced in the Eleventh Cloud pub till 11 in the night along with his friends and then had some gala time at his friend's place. It was 12.30 AM by the time he reached his apartment and Sireesh was really tired. He tried to sleep, but couldn't. Something was bothering him. He then plugged his iPod, headed towards the elevator and went to the terrace.

Despite the stunning view of the city with all the sky scrappers surrounded by roads flashing with the street lights, Sireesh was deep occupied with his own thoughts. Suddenly Sireesh felt the iPod was not singing anymore, the sky pitch dark without any moon and the entire city dark without even a spot of light. Next morning, Sireesh was found unconscious near the terrace wall in a very awkward position. His face leaning, his hands clenching, finger nails scratching the wall as if resisting himself to jump from the top of the apartment. When rushed to the hospital, the doctors after many hours declared Sireesh to be trapped in permanent vegetate state, that is permanent coma.

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  1. Good story! What the fuck happened to you, you started writing such scary stuff?

  2. @ kasha
    thanx dude... for a change :P

  3. artham ayyi avvanattu undi!! ee sireesh gaadu ekkuva taaginanduku ala ayyinda?

  4. @ajay
    had he drunk too much, he wud have slept peacefully. may be, thats not the reason

  5. started off clearly nd cooly....but at the end wat happened "THAT NIGHT"?? nd wats the msg?....is a Q...

    still a nice n different stuff :))

  6. @ pravi
    the reason for his illness is hidden n left to ur imagination :D
    why dont u fill the gap?

  7. @ satish -
    thanks for the compliment. :) it was a piece of fiction.

  8. U have strange affinty to vegetative state. Promting vegetarianism ?? kidding :)

  9. @ lava -
    got me wrong. both the posts on the vegitative state is a single story, with me posting parts of it at different points of time...


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