Friday, March 21, 2008

Another Rant

Current Mood: confused + sad (will be biggrin*2 in sometime)

Finished reading Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke. Title made me inquisitive and read the book. Worth a read, nice book with a great deal of imagination into it. Guess Clarke is a man of vision for advancements in Space Study. Thought of bunking work today but didn't though I did nothing much here. Waiting for the dusk to take over. I have my train scheduled at 8.15 PM today; will be going to my hometown for 10 days (no Internet activity from my side for the next 10 days). And I'm very much excited about it, but at the same time something is bothering me. Whatever be it, hope I'll get over it very quickly. smile


  1. didn't read this post of yours,anyway why were u confused before leaving?

  2. I read Childhood's end by Arthur . Didn't find time to complete. HE had visions about robots and space even hundred years back.Commendable!

  3. @ lava -
    yeah, truly a legend.


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