Sunday, April 06, 2008

I Blogger

  • I Blogger want to increase traffic to my blog page
  • I Blogger want more people to post comments in reply to my blog posts.
  • I Blogger want readers to find my blog interesting and increase the average visit length
  • I Blogger want a better Technorati rank
  • I Blogger want my blog posts to be listed by all popular search engines
  • I Blogger want many more fellow bloggers to link my blog
  • I Blogger want more regular visitors to my blog
  • I Blogger want hits from all parts of the world
  • I Blogger want topics to post articles in my blog

Finally I Blogger want to be popular!

PS: This one will help you with the last point


  1. You blogger, I blogger :D Cheers!

  2. nice one....
    wat do u call them?
    BLOG ___________
    fill in the blank ...

  3. @saimanohar
    shud we call them BLOGOMANIACS?! :)

  4. thanks for the link..:) last point..
    yeah truth about bloggers :)


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