Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Hump

dont freak out by luking at the title of the post, am definitely not gonna blog on what the title really means. :P nor am i gonna write about Black Eye Peas' My Hump, though that makes a really interesting topic because of its lyrics.wink This is about the road humps i face daily on my way from home to office. my home is just 2.5 kms away from office but there are 20 road humps, including the new one which was inaugurated yesterday. This number just considers the official humps and all those official and unofficial craters are not in the count. one will find all the varieties in this subset of bangalore humps superset. There is this one Belly Hunter where i can definitely take off and glide for a while had there been two aerodynamic wings attached to the body of my motor bike. and yes, I also have this rattle therapist where every bone of my body and every part of my bike shake. and some of the Sine Wave humps are under construction. good lord, i take this route around 4 times a day!!


  1. haha!! i know what you mean!! they have the most idiotic humpa at craziest of places!

    and the self made humps are the saddest!! :(

    but you dont make them sound that bad! hehe!


  2. happy news - the newly laid road hump was removed today, though not sure of the intensions [evil? :(] behind that...

  3. sad news as expected: a much bigger hump took its place from where the newly laid hump was removed. sob

  4. Considering the velocity with which youth speed up and the proportionality of accidents taken into account for public safety, Theses humps are inevitable and boon in disguise.May everyone live in peace.Amen.

  5. true true. but 20 odd humps r really too much. u will end up into another hump even before completing one.


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