Monday, April 14, 2008

Better Traffic Conditions for a Better City

With the increasing number of IT companies showing interest to set up their offices in Bangalore and other major cities in India leading to increasing number of people settling in these cities, the need for a better transport is increasing. Around 900 new vehicles make their way to the roads of Bangalore per day and on an average 2 people get killed and 18 get injured in road accidents. This itself talks about the huge need of improving the traffic conditions. But how do we do that?

A painful approach is by increasing the road taxes, parking fees, banning vehicles in certain areas and hours and forcing the people. The other is a much accepted approach by providing efficient alternatives to personal transport - metro rail, more buses and better connectivity to various places. The first approach will definitely be not received positively by the public where as the second one makes it a very costly and time consuming one. Apart from all this, new fly-overs, widening the roads, tagging more roads as one-ways etc will also help in achieving the aim, but the junta can reap the fruits of most of these trees only after a couple of years. And till the fruits are ready to be reaped, they have to struggle hard for their food! I mean, most of these will lead to congestion till they are ready.

The only one way where in we can see significant results without any side effects is by encouraging traffic awareness programs; they help a great deal in achieving a better and safer roads. Though we are all aware of traffic rules, we tend to break the rules. These traffic awareness programs can bring a change in our attitude. What else do we want if these programs make us follow the road rules safely instead of blaming bad roads, bad bus drivers and bad autowallahs for the accidents!!
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  1. Nice post, dude! I too like to scream when I face (daily) the Hyderabadi traffic. I guess, it's worse here compared to any other city of India.

    Keep writing on such topics, they really need to be addressed!

  2. @ashish
    but i think Bangalore traffic is much more horrible compared to Hyd. I've friends who worked in Hyd for a while and shifted to Bang and felt so! Atleast the roads are wider in Hyderabad. Here in Bangalore, you will find very imp n major roads too narrow.

  3. Hey I think you guyz should take a look at the Mumbai traffic!!!

  4. @ sri -
    personally i'v never been to Mumbai. but yeah, these traffic problems we have them in all major cities...

    btw, thanks for visiting my blog :)


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