Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kya hai tumhaarey paas?

Last night Satish and me had a difference of opinion on some issue. We were having a row and out of frustration I yelled at him -

Me: "Hum dono ek hi jagah (BITS) se apni engineering ki shuruwat ki thi.
Aaj main kaha hoon aur tum kahan ho.
Mere paas Passion plus gaadi hai, motorola hand set hai, sodexho coupons hai, MS ka admit bhi hai.
Kya hai tumhaarey paas?"

After a brief pause, Satish answered in a hushed voice and made me shut up my mouth -
"Mere paas IEEE paper hai"

Congrats to my dear roomy GOD SatP :-)


  1. maccha
    u got to shut wen dealin with GODs like Satish..
    we r jus humans ra.

  2. this is how u guys fight?!
    battle of brains :P

  3. Duuude, what a "fight"!! :O

    Wish i was there to see you both fighting :D

  4. People who know Vamsi, can judge if the argument ever happened or not. I should appreciate the well written post which cooked up a story weaved around me. Never was there a Fight...leave alone how violent they are !!

  5. @all
    Please ignore satish's comment

    Please shut up ..

    everything seems in place

    but do u guyz converse in Hindi when u fight ! :P (bit anachronistic)

  6. @ all
    as said by vijay, please ignore his comment.

    actually we speak in Sanskrit when we fight. this particular post is translated to Hindi for the greater gud of the readers... :P

  7. Request to Vamsi

    Please do not spoil our name. Ppl would assume that we discuss this kind of stuff. Lokulu kaakulu...

    Aina God Satp ni "kya hai tumhare paas?" ani adagataniki... nuvvemaina, vaddule public lo enduku. adi nammataniki memu edaina??

    Lite le...
    But yeah, your conclusion is true...
    GOD SATP...!

  8. My hearty Congrats to SAT-P.

    Vamsi will also have a PAPER to his name.. I'm sure of it. :-)
    Its only a matter of time, as to when?

    Vamsi, anthavaraku nuvvu nee Passion Plus tho pandaga chesuko :D

  9. @ kasha
    mattu vadalaraa... mandu mattu vadalara

    nuvventamma silent ga na meedha paddav?

  10. maari..telugu lo raaste baagundedhi.. Kya hai mere pass, net hai to check out blogs!IEEE papers also high funda!

  11. @ lava -
    "kya hai tumhaarey paas" is a famous dialogue frm the movie Deewar betw amitabh n sashi kapoor. it was a big hitt then.
    this post is in similar lines with that dialogue ;)

  12. @Vamsi, I know it's a famous dialogue..I meant when it's a conversation between u and Satish, I thought hindi was not obvious.Thats's all :)

  13. thts all cooked up u see :P


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