Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm loving it.

Well its my current state, I'm loving all that I'm doing. Coz work wise I'm doing absolutely nothing. *big grin* And fun wise doing lots.

Enjoying the regular gym sessions in the mornings. Its making me a bit organized early-to-rise-early-to-bed kinds. And this Sunday, I participated in a 10km run here in Bangalore. The moment I heard about the event, I made up my mind to participate in it. And lemme tell you, I did the right thing. The energy at Kanteerava Stadium was damn high with Sunfeast hosting this 10Km run. This was my highest distance to run (though trekked 18kms along the banks of River Cauvery on a sunny day in Feb 2006 at Bheemeswari) and took roughly 1 hr 20 mins to finish it, not bad for a beginner I guess. My disastrous performance at the 5.5 Km IT run conducted as a part of Bangalore Midnight marathon last year (lol, I panted like hell after running for a half kilometer) made me motivated to participate a larger distance run with better fitness. We (Srikanth and me) practiced a bit by running 6 kms and 7.5 kms the subsequent day (without any major break in between) on the roads of CV Raman Nagar area, and had real fun on the day running along with people of different age groups and nationalities.

Some other worth mentioning things in the event: the live coverage by CNBC, that helicopter hovering above us to shoot the event, the occassional rides of photographers and camera men on mo-bikes, lotsa people waiting for us and cheering us all the way, those colorful cheerleaders by Mallya saab, all the wonderful fellow female runners, the water that tasted like nectar in the hot sun, those km marks which motivate us to complete the remaining run, and the congratulations after finishing the run.
And a big thanks to all the organizers and Bangalore Police people who made the event much smoother. All in all had lotsa fun, during the main event as well as during the practice runs :)

I love to watch a movie or sleep for hours at work. Today I was really really happy after watching 'There will be Blood' in office. Awesome movie, worth Oscars for the male lead role and the cinematography. Be happy, live long.

Update (23/05/08):
A Big thanks to Mallya Saab for all those wonderful free photos from marathon-photos.com. Otherwise it would cost us around £11.00 to get a download-able copy of each of our pictures. smile


  1. I missed the event coz I had to go to Pune for some work :(

    I'm sure you had great fun. Enjoy and keep gymming :)

  2. @ bindu
    thanx :)

    @hari kishore
    hmm, yeah tht was grt fun. try not to miss such an event next time. there is a 1/2 marathon in bangalore this december itseems..

  3. Hi.. Nice one!! btw I linked ur blog to mine. Hope its fine!!! cheers

  4. @ sri
    thanx a ton for linking my blog in urs.

  5. your blog covers a lot many things...good going ...keep it up

  6. seems that u enjoyed the run a lot. good to see that at least someone is taking health n running seriuosly. of late, i've somewhat become a lazy gymmer. mayb, stress at work.

  7. @ nishant -
    thanks man

    @ satish -
    yeah, the run was real phun... slowly pull in sometime for gym :)

  8. Hey makes me Envious..Thought that blore is made of nerdy sw engineers..Doesn't sound so anymore.Looking forward for such events when my turn comes up.

  9. @ lava -
    nah, not at all. its a happening place. and the words 'nerdy' n 'sw engineers' dont go together. :P


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