Wednesday, July 09, 2008

One fine day

One fine day early at 5.30 in the morning with my iPod plugged I started my run on the roads of Jeevanbheema Nagar partly afraid of the stray dogs, a major problem in every area of Bengaluru. Those were the days when I was preparing for my 20K run. After a little warm up I started my run by entering into a near-by park where I can run without any apprehensions about the wild bites from stray dogs. And there is nothing quite like the cool breeze you feel on your face as you run early in the morning. After doing many rounds in the park, to break the monotony I started running on the roads around. I thought of giving up and reached back to the same park after one hour of continuous running where in I would have covered nearly 11 kms, but the view my eyes were offering made me run further.

That was a beautiful girl clad in black track pants and tee. She came out of her house, opposite to the park, just then and started her run. I was damn tired and it was really difficult for me to run, but my legs weren't feeling any pain. They were just running behind that girl. This way I ran behind her for around a kilometer and in order to avoid any misapprehensions from her side I overtook her and continued my run. Shez damn beautiful, thats all the description I could give you about her.

After five minutes, I heard a very sweet voice from my behind saying "Excuse me!".

I turned back to find her to sitting on the ground holding her left ankle. It was she who said 'Excuse me' and yeah she did call me. May be for some help. Whatever be it, the 9th cloud was occupied (obviously by me).

"Can I be of some help to you?" was all I said very courteously.

"I hurt my ankle."

"Let me see that... Are you new to running?"

"Yeah. I'm!"

And I helped her in removing her left shoe and sock.

"I guess its a minor sprain. A small massage near the ankle will relieve you of your pain."

She tried massaging herself but couldn't do properly afraid of the pain.

"Thats not the way. Can I help you out?" I said, partly eager. ;)

"Yeah, please."

How would I explain you guys that experience? As my friend says, its a life time experience.

After 2 minutes of ankle massage, "Any better?"

"Yep, much better!"

"Cool, try walking a bit. Let me help you", helped her in letting her stand holding by her shoulders. Was partly wondering if its all real.


"Is it still hurting?" "Nope, much better now." "Able to walk?" "Ye I am"

"Thats cool. Do take care while running. Make it a point to stretch your leg muscles before running."

"Ok, I will. Thanks for the help."

I grinned and said "Anytime" and was about to continue my run to hear "Can I know your good name?" I could hear my heart beating faster and saying 'Ofcourse' 'Sure' 'Why not' out of sheer happiness but my mouth was not giving any answer to her. Finally with lot of difficulty, forgetting all the multiple answers my heart my giving, mumbled my name and made it a point to say "Yours?"

"Samhita Sharma"

"Thats an interesting and a very sweet name."

"Thank you!"

And we started running together for a while and took a break. Talked a bit about general things and then backed towards the park where her house was situated. She showed me her house from outside, thanked me again for the help, bade me bye and entered her house.

For the next 3 months she was my running partner. Every morning, we would run together and we would talk anything and everything, sensible and senseless, useful and useless. Later after that I could not find her coming for the morning runs. For the next one week she wasn't there. I started feeling a sense of void and was gradually losing interest in running too, because of her absence. During this time, I realized my interest for her and turned bold enough to enter into the house Samhita showed me the very first day we met. I was told that the Sharma family stayed in that house for past one year for rent and 2 weeks back the entire family moved to a different house, probably to a different city. Contacted the owner of the house to enquire about Samhita's father but little did I find about him.

Sad thing was we never spoke to each other about our personal lives. So I knew nothing about her apart from her beautiful face and her wonderful ideas. We never even exchanged our email ids. All we did was run together. Hope to see her some day.

PS: Purely a piece of fiction. Had never been so lucky to meet a girl like this.


  1. Enti sir, getting full creative ;)
    and I remember jogger girl from somewhere :)

  2. it REALLY looks real.....kewl man ...gr8 work....keep writing

  3. @ rakesh -
    i too wish the same. poor me, it isnt real!

    @ srikanth -
    ye, tht jogger gal. shez kool! cudnt find her name finally :(

  4. @ bindu -
    u really think so :P

    @ outlooked -
    u guys (himanshu n parth) are partly my inspiration to write this!

  5. hey thnx for saying that ...i feel blessed that we inpired :)
    but u write good ...keep up the good work

  6. Hey.....nice work Vee.

    Really felt nice to read it.
    Thnx for the regards.....You knw I m flattered......hahaha....

    Keep writing.

  7. abey.. adi nijam ani i know...

    kathalu evariki chepthav.. just peru marchi raasav kada...

  8. @ ajay -
    wish i had met! name changings?

    @ outlooked -
    thnx for ur compliments. keep visiting

  9. Dude how on earth can you not give her your mail id??

    I thought when you mumbled your name, you said something like :P

  10. @ sandy -
    world is a very small place. hope to bump into her sometime soon. wassay?

  11. True..

    But you cant rely on luck all the time.. ;)
    cant believe some one as smart as you can also be dumb at times..

    Any ways i am not impressed that you lost her (even if it is temperorary) :P

    (maccha, but dont use heroine names for your characters.. It sometimes ecipses your way of portraiting them)

  12. samhita sharma! heroine name?? :O i never came across one... and i never heard the name before, i just wanted to name my character wid a very novel name... after much thought i finalized this!! anyways, did u seriously mean what u said? i never thought a name will change what i wanted to portray! keep reading :)

  13. i was getting J until i read ur PS :) Good work!!


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