Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tale of Four Cities

June 24th, 2008

In a plush a/c room filled with tensed people of all age groups waiting for their turn

Vee: Good morning madame! How are you doing?

VO: Hello sir, good morning. I'm doing good, thank you. Your documents please. Thank you!
Place your left index finger on the scanner sir.
Thank you!
How many backlogs do you have?

Vee: No backlogs madame.

VO: Whats your percentage sir?
Vee: Blaaaaah!

VO: What does your father do?
Vee: He is a business man.

VO: How many people work under him?
Vee: Blah.

VO: Annual Income? Bank balance?
Vee: Blaah, blaaaaah!

VO: Why did you choose this university apart from academics?
Vee: Apart from academics this university is blah blah blah in blah blah and blah.

VO: You may go now, your visa is approved.
Vee: Thank you madame.

**Five days before to that**

June 19th, 2008

Cousin: So when are you flying to US?
Vee: No dude, lotsa pending things. Visa is the main thing and that is yet to happen.
Cousin: Oh, okie!

June 20th, 2008

Fren: Flight tickets booked dude, send me the the money to a/c # blah blah.
Vee: Tickets booked before the visa interview? I asked u to block right, what if my interview gets messed up. *confused*

**Two weeks before this**

June 6th, 2008

A typical corporate enivornment.

Mr X: Hey dude, you look so happy!
Vee: Ya man! Today is my last day here in this office.

Mr X: Oh, so where are you heading to?
Vee: Going for my Masters, in University of Minnesota.

Mr X: Thats good! Congrats buddy. So did u send the customary last day mail to everyone?
Vee: No dude, shall do that now. Thanks for the wishes.

After some 10 minutes...

Mr Y: Hey man, saw your mail. Congrats dude and all the best.
Vee: Thank you dude.

**After the day of my visa interview**

June 25th, 2008

In front of Lord Sri Venkateshwara
Vee: Thank you God for all the support. Now that everything is done I'm totally relieved. Govinda Gooovinda!

P.S I: Wondering where is the city PSA? Write to me for more info!
P.S II: In the past 3 days, each day I was in a different state (TamilNadu, AndhraPradesh, Karnataka in order).
P.S III: Damn tired now! As promised I updated you with my current status and the reason for me being away from my blog page for the past few weeks.


  1. Congrats dude...So, when r u flying? and when is the treat?

  2. 1st blah,ahem!
    why don't you include the fifth city too?

  3. shitt man.. You know what.. My visa is approved on 23rd June and the major twist.. I am coming to UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA :) PhD in medicinal chemistry

  4. @hari kishore -
    thanQ! any time dude.

    @bindu -
    i cud've :P

    @sri -
    i know u were coming to UMinn. u were part of uminn_fall08 google grp, ain't u? saw ur details thr :) congrats dude for ur visa. so how r things goign on?

  5. @ sri -
    thot i wud talk to u abt my UMinn admit after my visa interview.

  6. Didnt get you. Why would u do that? :)

  7. @ sri -
    no specific reason behind tht. :)

  8. anyways congrats for ur visa and c u at UMNTC

  9. Your title reminds me of this :) ...

  10. @ sri -
    yeah, c ya thr

    @ vijay -
    but I got inspired by the name of the novel 'A Tale of Two Cities' :)

  11. probably ... then M.F Hussain was inspired from this book and of crse Madhuri

  12. Hey ,
    congratulations, and best wishes for your studies.
    Well amazingly my visa got approved on 20th june, and i might e flying to US as well. But thats work and no study for me..

    Anyways do keep poating...i have been really busy at work, so nothing coming up in my post in ner future.Anyways its nice to know you visit even thoug its just old stuff..

  13. Hello Vamsi.. Congratulation on your US Visa. This maybe out of context. I've seen in You Tube "Beyond the Da Vinci Code" a documentry by History Channel. But now it looks like its removed now. I found a forumn in Orkut in which you have posted a torrent link. That too is not working. Do you have the video and is there a way I can get it from you. I couldnt scrap you in Orkut.

  14. hi Vamsi,

    HEART CONGRATULATIONS and ALL THE BEST for the long road ahead

  15. @ enigma, jk, sandy -
    thanQ very much for the wishes

    @ jk -
    dude, u r mistaken. i've never uploaded torrent link to any video any whr. thanks for visiting my blog.

  16. Cool Post. Nice narration.

  17. Firstly congrats on that. I saw ur comment on my blog. Can i know ur identity please

  18. @ roomie -
    thnx buddy

    @ gotti -
    thnx man, blog hopped into ur page from the bitsian bloggers list. me an ex-bitsian (2002 batch)

  19. Hi Vamsi, Congratulations on ur Visa and my Best Wishes

  20. @ Bhuvana -
    thanks a lot for the wishes


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