Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It all happened!

He was sitting all alone in an abandoned shack near sea-shore in the Chind-do island of South Korea. Out of no where, a group of South koreans appeared and encircled that shack. They were all sporting black shades and clad in black tuxedos; to him they all looked identical for he always had difficulty identifying them and he strongly felt all South Koreans look the same. He was drunk, and that made it much more difficult. Without any delay, they started firing their .45 caliber pistols. They pretty much finished their task leaving him in that shack in a pool of blood.

PS: I know there is nothing positive in this post! 


  1. Is this the beginning of a new story ?

  2. nope, i dont think so! (though i am not sure)
    frustru in me makes to write all this damn crazy stuff

  3. y South Koreans of all people?:O

  4. i had a SK map beside me while writing this post..

  5. a window to vent out my frustration.. create a character and kill him, and there is nothing more to the character than getting killed! ;)


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