Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bengaluru for Mo-bike Enthusiasts!

Go motor biking and Explore Bengaluru. Its very interesting to find that number of hits to my blog increases as weekend approaches with the increase in the number of motor bike enthusiasts who google for road routes to places around Bengaluru like Nandi Hills, Devarayanadurga, Mekedaatu and so on! This shows the increase in number of people getting enthusiastic about going motor biking everywhere in the city.

But a very few people consider going to the places with in the city. Few of them which I'd been to just before coming back from Bangalore are - Tipu's summer palace located in the City Market area, Vishweswarayya museum located near Cubbon Park and Lalbagh . Tipu's "Abode of Peace" located in the hustle-bustle of KR Market area is definitely a place to watch with the wooden carvings in the durbar area reflecting Islamic style. Everybody must have heard about the Vishweswarayya museum and Lalbagh Gardens but people don't tend to go there. I suggest you these places are worth visiting!

Very few people have a clue about the four watch towers of Bangalore. These four gates were built by Kempegowda of Magadi dynasty marking the ends of the town of Bangalore up to which it was predicted to expand. The South tower is located on top of a hillock inside Lalbagh. The North tower is located inside KG Tower Park near Mekhri circle. The West tower is located in Chamrajpet near Kempebudhi lake. There is a Kali temple near that lake and this West tower is located on a rock behind the Kali temple. The last and the East Tower is located on one end of Ulsoor near the Gurudwara. Exploring all these towers on motor bikes will definitely be loadsa fun!

And for more info about exploring places by having rides on motor bikes, there is lotsa info provided by Prashant in Go mo-biking, have fun!


  1. Namaskara Sir, Yen Samachara. Ellaru Saukyama ;)

    And never knew there were watch towers for Bangalore as well :)

    Me was keeping a little busy...

  2. @ srikanth -
    ye, u must try visiting all the four towers someday!

  3. Duude ..

    I want a post from you on your MS adventures !

  4. ye ... also I am planning to Mo-bike to bang frm my place ...

    Goint to india in oct 1st week !

  5. But its no fun Biking in traffic in bangalore dude :)

  6. riding in traffic is not fun to anyone for that matter! but people plan and get started for these kinda trips early in the morning!


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