Tuesday, October 07, 2008

All these need special mention

  1. My Dell lappy, it runs almost the whole day. Poor thingy
  2. CMU - Coffman Memorial Unit, happening place in UMN - TC campus. Had been to bowling alley inside CMU recently, and its really phun. (Thanks to GAPSA for pizzas and pop as well)
  3. Stone-arch bridge and Lake Calhoun
  4. Burittos from Chipotle are really yummmy
  5. Bombay Bistro - yo place for unlimited desi food! (Thanks to Vishnu for the treat there)
  6. Loring Pasta Bar - its a cool place. Should go there sometime with friends (Thanks to GAPSA again)
  7. Homeworks and Assignments - which pretty much fills the life of a grad student
  8. Dryer in our building. Troubled a lot by crashing down for almost a month
  9. Nolte, place where I work! I go there every day during the week. Know what I do there - I make sandwiches, salads, paninis and stuff. This time its poor me! But its phun, I get to know food habits of American people - various dressings, cheeses etc.
  10. Cubfoods, the place where we shop our groceries. Trip to this place is hell. Need to carry all the groceries back to home
  11. Papajohns pizzas! its been quite some time since I had a pizza from that place. Should have it soon
  12. I was away from home for the past 8 years (but was in India) and I used to call home atmost once a week. Now I video chat with all my family members atleast once a week.
  13. Erie Street - Thats where I lived for around 3 weeks when I just landed in US. And thats where majority of my friends live
Is it good to end the post with 13 points? Whoa, I dont suffer from Triskaidekaphobia; I can go ahead!! 


  1. cool post.. perfect depiction of life of an avg indian student at UMN

  2. @ srikanth -
    yeah i know. thanks for linking my post in ur page.

    @ sandy -
    thanks mate

  3. yes this is true even in my case .. In India when I was away from my home I used to call once in a week. Now in US I do voice chat daily .. video chats ofcourse very rare...

  4. The post would have been much more interesting with added pictures of the described places. Now If I run my imagination wilder than ever, Even still I could only think of an Indian workplace or bar when I think of these places.Cubfoods would display Nilgiris at max and Eerie Street of TNagar.Surely, It would be different I guess :)

  5. @ rohin -
    its mostly the case. the more distance u r away from ur parents, the more you try to be in touch with them.

    @ lavanya -
    hmmm, cubfoods where i go is much much bigger than nilgiris and Erie street is much much smaller than Tnagar. Erie street is just a few meters in its length. i shud have added pictures, but i didn't have any when i wrote that post!


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