Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pursuit of Happiness

What makes you happy? 
(a) A great mug of coffee (b) an ice cream (c) fried maggi at 2.00 AM (d) All the above

Science says 50% of a person's happiness depends on his/her genes (?!), 10 - 15% on status (health, social, marital, material etc etc) and the remaining miscellanious. Now I don't get this gene-connection, 50% dependency is huge!!! Is it something like this - if my parents are not happy then I end up being low? Aila!

Everyone of us will, atleast at some point of time, retrospect on what we are doing in life now! Am I doing what I want, am I happy? Am I really? Well, I'm not really sure. I really was never! If you haven't asked this question to yourself, then do that now! You might be happy, but are you happy with what you are doing in Life is my question here! Right now I'm in this distant land, away from my family and friends, not really sure about what I'm doing and how happy I'm with what I'm doing. Am I sounding confused? May be I'm, may be I'm not - wish I cud get some help from Heisenberg to resolve my uncertainity on all these things. Wish there is a way to calculate my Happiness Index (just the way we have it for countries - Denmark the happiest and India ranking 125th happiest in the world) on a daily basis, and in this way keep track of myself. Wish I do things that makes me much more happier in future. 

Tip: If all your approaches to be the happiest go in vain, follow the Eight-fold path and attain Nirvana as Buddhism says!

PS1: Denmark has also got highest suicide rates. May be this is in a way helping them to be the Happiest nation with all the sad people killing themselves leaving behind just the set of happy people to participate in the survey... lol
PS2: Dada struck the chord by scoring a century in the 2nd test and balanced the stuph for his infamous remarks. Happy for him! Way to go Dada.


  1. Sure, it is not just you who is concerned and confused. Actually, if one doesn't wonder if one is happy with what one is doing, one would not make any attempt to do things which would make one more happy.

  2. the struggle is good for you.

    Hope you will find something that will make u happy and persue it.

    Infact MS is one of those things for you. Ain't it ???

  3. cool post.. but unfortunately dada doesnt have a way to go becoz he is retiring after this series!!!

  4. @ srikanth -
    way to "Go".. respectful way!! don't u think so?

    @ sandy -
    MS is in a way yes, but things with in this MS. am I here just to take some courses? or shud i try and explore more abt the topics I like.. yada yada.. the questions keep popping up in my mind which makes me wonder if I'm really content with what I'm doing

    @ kasha -
    even if one is happy with what one is doing, one doesn't stop there. we humans crave for more of what we are happy with, and more happiness!

  5. i agree with ur statement "even if one is happy..."

  6. hmm..

    if you are thinking of something that makes you happy, it need not mean that you are not happy now... ain't it ??

    You can enjoy whatever you are doing and still persue ur happiness.

    For me Happiness is not a destination, it is the journey.

  7. @ sandy
    you are indeed true.. its nothing but the journey which is more imp. thanks for ur kind words and moral support man! :)

    and also, thanks to all those who haven't commented here but got in touch with me and gave me their support and suggestions..

  8. i read this news abt happy nations on rediff. too sad to see india way below. let's raise it to the max, we can

  9. @ satish bolla:
    yep, we can! lets do it :)

  10. I may sound naive.. but do only the things which will make you happy.

    The degree of happyness is more only when you know what you exactly want to do in life & you are doing something towards that. This is a very difficult one, but the sooner you know the answer the better ;)

    If you are not having fun don't do it and never do anything with the END in mind.

    If you like it, just do it :)

    edo telisindhi cheppanu.. :P

  11. Hmmm, this makes me think a lot about Happiness now!
    But I'm sure u r doing what u really want to do, and u r happy! isnt that true?

  12. 1) I completely agree that genes has to do with happiness because few ppl are overambitious, when they reach one step, they start worrying abt the targetted milion steps ahead.That is in their genes.While few other are happy that at least one hurdle is over and who cares abt the rest,lets see later. So its very much convincing fact that 50% happiness is decided by genetic factors.
    2)Heinsenburg proposed the uncertainity principle himself, how could he possibly help you to resolve? That is if by hook or crook you were able to meet him .
    3) I googled about Denmark and happiness. Whatever the results and fact produced may be, The reason why India is in 125th position which is dissappointing is because of the population. If you take a survey of ten children and ask them if they are happy, the percentage of happiness is bound to show a large value than if the survey is for a thousand.
    4) The facts that suicide ratio is high signifies that they are bunch of cowards who do not like to face harsh thigs unless they are really happy.

  13. "If you're a big guy, you expect to be on the top all the time and you're disappointed when things don't go well," Christensen said. "But when you're down at the bottom like us, you hang on, you don't expect much, and once in a while you win, and it's that much better."

    Thats Denmark, I surely would not bargain happiness for being at the bottom!

  14. 1) But i feel its not with the genes, but with the surroundings one grows. one's ability to perceive things and mentality depends on what he sees while he grows and the way he is brought up, which depends on one's parents in most cases. all this make me feel that the reason for one's happiness is mistook for genes...

    2) who knows if he can provide me with a better bound for uncertainty/certainty in my case. that is if by hook or crook i am able to meet him.

    3 and 4 sounds good. they must be running away from the really difficult things and keeping themselves content with what they have. otherwise they would die.


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