Monday, October 27, 2008

Diwali Time :)

Diwali Time again! It feels good to not lose the festive mood even in this distant land. I open my mailbox to find n number of emails from various people wishing me Happy Diwali. And majority of my friends' status messages in my IM client are "Happy Diwali". I open my Orkut and FaceBook accounts to see notifications in the status messages of many of my friends' accounts to 'Happy Diwali'. 

Adding to this, we have Diwali celebrations in our U by the Minnesota International Students Association on Saturday, Nov 1st. Hope it will be a colorful day (its truly gonna be, with all the desi girls dec'ing up in traditional dresses :P atleast hoping so). And yeah, we are celebrating Diwali in our own way with a Puja followed by Potluck. What more should I expect!  (Crackers ? Not sure about that though! When I say Crackers, its fireworks - not the crackers these people have with their soups - working in the dining services makes me very conscious of the words I choose).

Lo, Happy Diwali! And wish me the same :) Time to call my parents back in India and wish them. Have a safe Diwali people.


  1. happy diwali for u too. i've been away from india(n the celebrations) but this year, am missing it too muchhhhhhhhh

  2. hmm. guess we had great time!!

  3. @ sandy
    thanks man, hope u had fun at bangalore.

    @ satish bolla
    that might be coz of the masti u had back at India in ur recent trip. that might have made u much more nostalgic abt celebrating diwali

    @ srikanth
    yeah we did. but u missed the "core".

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