Wednesday, November 05, 2008

All is good with me!

Remember, remember the fifth of November.
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why the gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot.

Ever after watching the movie V for Vendetta, I just remember this rhyme on every Nov 5th though I really don't know the very serious historical importance behind this. 

The Diwali event organized by the Indian students wasn't that happening despite the huge expectations. Nothing much is happening in life apart from the usual classes and homeworks. I was told more shouldn't be expected from the life of a grad student, and yeah now I feel thats true. And the other good thing is, I am happy with the way we are cooking and eating for dinners atleast. I happen to skip most of my breakfasts, eat some junk for lunch and that makes me crave for a good dinner. And wat else? 

  • People say history is made with Obama winning the presidential elections. Congratulations to Barack Obama.
  • Good bye Jumbo, you have contributed a lot to Indian cricket. We miss you. 
  • And recently another Indian student studying in Seattle, USA was found dead. This makes me fear, the fear of how safe International students are in this country.
A quick question on the ending note: Are you feeling the effect of this economic recession on you? 


  1. hiii

    I had a good time this Diwali in Bangalore..

    Bad to hear that the Diwali celebrataions there are not that great..

    And coming to the "Economic Recesion", i think it has an effect on every one (including me). Its more of a mental block than anything else...

    And with stock market crumbling, pink silps news all around, terrorist attacks al over the country, MNS-Bihar fight.. looks like there was not much of festive mood, atleast in my case...

    The only bright things that i saw for this diwali was the Chandrayaan :-) The only reason to celebrate :-)

  2. thats true Sandy - its more of a mental block on most of us. And Chandrayaan makes me proud too, as I feel some remote association with it ever after doing my PS1 (more than 6 years ago) at Insat Master Control Facility, Hassan. People there would tell us proudly about the project Chandrayaan, and they even told us when it was scheduled and all then. It was a moment of pride for me as well when I saw the video of Chandrayaan making its way into the great skies

  3. all the points u mentioned r worth noting. obama rewrote the american history. jumbo(n dada) rewrote the indian cricket history. this killing of arpana rewrote people's fears abt US.

    btw, i don't feel any impact of this economic crisis yet

  4. Unfortunately i have the impact on me! :( Funding scenarios n not even a proper campus job! hope i will make it soon. wish me success :D

  5. He He

    Economic recession - you apply for jobs and you would see the impact yourself :D

  6. i know man! but you PhD guys needn't be bothered a bit right now about that. You still have long way to think about jobs, isn't it?


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