Sunday, November 30, 2008

The snow, the bloodshed and the mourning me

Right now, I am sipping my morning cup of coffee waiting for my parents to come online, so that we can say hi hello virtually. To my left, out the window, I see tiny flakes of snow falling from the sky making its mark on the entire ground. Its all white out there. Next time you get a chance to be in a place where it snows, you should take your time to observe the snow flakes. Their symmetry simply surprises you, they have these intricate projections as in the pictures of twinking stars have. Science has an explanation for this as well. 

My heart mourns for all those who have lost their lives and are injured in the ghastly Mumbai terror strike. For the past four days, I was continuously on the news websites reading news updates and watching live tv, praying God to end the massacre as soon as possible. It wasn't something one would really expect to happen. I don't understand where the world is going. Is killing scores of innocent people the only way the terrorists want to show their anger; is all that they can do in the process of acheiving what they want ?  Do they know how it will be like to get trapped in a dark room for a couple of days with armed people around them trying to kill them? Do they know the pain in not hearing from a dear one who is trapped in a place full of people throwing grenades with the sole aim of killing as many as they come across? Anyone fit to be called as a human being must be aware of all this; have they lost their human self? Now its the same in Pakistan as well, there is violence in Karachi with vehicles being torched and people being killed. Is violence the only answer to everything? I'm disturbed!


  1. hmm.... this must be the hot topic of blogs in india

  2. I think its more than just a blog topic. Its venting, its confusion, the stress, the anger. This will be history now. Terror attacks,Pre 9/11, Post 9/11. These are the NEW generation world wars. Kids of this generation and generations to come will be boggled by this- This question. Why.

  3. Lets hope that this is the darkest part of the Night and the Dawn is on its way..

    Check this article too...
    The message should be clear.. people are vexed on the incapability of the System:

  4. @ srikanth -
    it not just a topic of blog, its much more than that.

    @ asmita -
    they say this is the reason for targeting India:
    Not sure how true it is

    @ sandy -
    my agony increases as we hope for the same after each and every attack :(


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