Friday, December 05, 2008

Friday Fun

Had loadsa fun today! In the chronological order - 
  • Went to a group meeting where I met a few undergrad students from China who came on a exchange program to our university; took part in answering their questions and doubts. They weren't sure if they should come back to USA again either as an exchange student or for their grad studies. 
  • Went out for lunch along with a group of international students. It was fun, tiramisu was yummy :D

  • Skyped (conf call) with a couple of friends back in India. 
  • Went to this Small World Coffee Hour program we have in our university and tasted Korean Food. Had Kimchi, Japchae, Rice Cakes and Kimbap. Good stuff, the Japchae is really cool. Its made of Sweet Potato, and it looked like those glassy noodles. Met lots of new people there, a few people indirectly related. (One lady was sister of my undergrad classmate, and a few others friends of friends...)
  • Now I'm here writing all this stuff! Now I wanna have more fun and end the day, but goddamn final exams are coming. boo-hoo :(
Now thats my name in Korean :) :) Well, i've tweaked that thing a bit (removed my name which was in English).


  1. Tiramisu,heard a lot about it. They do sell some stuff in India under that name, that too in Trichy but I bet its far from Tiramisu.They must have just stolen the name. Answered their doubts, Compsi Gods!

  2. Compsi God?!no wayyy.. they had more general questions rather than something in specific to compsi. and tiramisu was really good, if u haven't tried u shud... not sure if its the same there taste wise

  3. aaa peru ni foto theesavantey, edho background undey untundhi :P (evaru rasaroo??)

  4. So you know telugu, you hide your name, you go to UMN, and you are from BITS compsi dept.(goa campus?!). You make me a curious person. :D

    Kimchi is AMAZING. never had the sweet potato stuff though. Shall try, shall try.

    and Tiramisu.. ah yum.. the liquor(usually!) flavored ladyfingers ( the cake like biscuits, not the veggie), the creme(or Italian cheese), espresso, chocolate.. yum yum. I had some tiramisu frozen custard( sorta ice cream, only WAY better)today. Amazing :D!

    glad you had fun :D

  5. @ srikanth -
    enu illa appa! chumma remove madidini.

    @ lady bug -
    oh my goodness, now you know almost everything about me. :P so do u speak Telugu?!(i know u r from Hyd, but not everyone from that place speaks Telugu) did my ug in bits pilani campus. wot program r u into at school ?

  6. Pilani campus eh?! know a lot of people at goa, could have got some info on u :D.. lol

    I do know telugu, My mom is telugu.
    I am doing my B.Sc in Microbiology. In a program called Pre-med.. we have to get a 4 yr B.Sc degree before we apply for med school here.. so here i am :D

  7. i leaves traces abt me everywhere on the net, so it shudnt be difficult to get info on u, but its not worth that try.. nothing grt abt me ;) so, are u a doc in the making?

  8. i am hoping to be a doctor in making. and this is the absolute worse way to converse! u should agree with me if u dont already :| ( this might a good reason for me to find out more about u!!)

  9. yeah i accept, this is not a good way to converse!

  10. dude,

    all the best for ur xams


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