Tuesday, December 23, 2008

movies in the recent past

The list is not comprehensive though, here I go -

Bourne Supremacy - Loved the movie, but should've watched its prequel before watching this!

300 - There was a period when I watched this movie over and over everytime I had nothing else to do. Watched it again, and loved it again. 'No retreat, no surrender' 

Forgetting Sarah Marshal - Irritating but equally entertaining

Young Frankenstein - I shouldn't have watched this movie. My Halloween's day got screwed up coz of this one. Can't say more about this

Bourne Identity - Now am a fan of Matt Damon. Am not authorized to reveal more about Operation Treadstone.

The Gladiator - General Maximus Decimus Meridius stole the show and stole my heart with his acting skills. How can I not praise the background music (which I didn't observe when I watched this movie before)! Extrordinary!!

Bourne Ultimatum - this made me wait for the 4th part which happen to be in the making apparently. 

Step Brothers - I would give only 3 stars out of 10 for this comedy!

The Karate Kid - Motivating story of an underdog, Pat Morita is really charming. 

The Girl Next Door - Was searching for Elisha Cutberths movie which I loved when I watched some years back and ended up in this movie by the same name which was released in 2007. Movie based on a real story in which a teenage girl was physically abused, tortured and killed.

Artificial Intelligence - Director Steven Spielberg is famous for his creativity in science fiction and this movie just strengthens the fact

Wanted - Bullet curving madness and Angelina, oh my god she is just ......... (u know what i mean, fill the blank for urself)!

Troy - I've watched this movie N times, and watching it for the (N+1)th time still makes me love the movie. Eric Bana rocks in the movie

Toy Story I - I wonder how creative people get in making such movies. I'm not a fan of animation movies, but this one I just loved it. 'Buzzlight year: To infinity and Beyond'

Toy Story II -  Same as above

The Notebook -  Cute movie! This one made me wonder if I'm a sucker for romantic movies. 

My Sassy Girl - Ah! Jeon is cute, cuter, cutest!!!

Quantum of Solace - Not a typical bond movie. Bond gets emotional, which is not the case in general. And where are those crisp and sharp dialogues 'Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred' ?

The Departed - Jack Nicholson rocks, all in all a decent watch.

Karate Kid II - Loved this as well, this movie like the previous one is more about the relation between a teacher and a student.

Karate Kid III - My love for the previous two parts made me watch this, but this happens to be a desperate continuation. Not as good as the previous two, but still good!

Hancock - 'Call me an asshole one more time..' Will Smith is really an asshole to do this movie

The Passion of the Christ - Did Jesus really go through all that? :(

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benifit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan - Lol, what a movie

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle - Funny one! 'The universe tends to unfold as it should' to these two Asian guys who goes in search of their White Castle Burgers. 

Hard Target - Add 3 or 4 songs and it makes a perfect Bollywood movie!

Fight Club - Superb concept! 'This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time... If you wake up at a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?'

Edit 1: Forgot mentioning a few which I've watched very recently - The English Patient, Rocky I, Incredible Hulk, The Game Plan and Wall E. That lil kid Madison Pettis is really cute in The Game Plan. 


  1. Good list for those who have a lot of hols :-)

  2. life lo panem ledhani chepthunnava? hehe.. ur list contains gud entertainers and I have watched half of'em

  3. Dude, Have you seen 'Burn after Reading'?
    Watch it, if you haven't :)

  4. @ sandy -
    ye it is, and with every passing day my list gets better!!

    @ srikanth -
    you know how it is

    @ vinay -
    will give it a shot...


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