Friday, December 19, 2008

the little everything

the snow, the sunshine and the leafless trees
the darkness, the wind chill and the lonely paths
the pain, the happiness and the confused mind
the bad times, the good friends and the soothing solace


  1. a little good in everything.

    Even the snow ( my enmity with it will live :D)

  2. so life is not all smooth for u.. is it ??

    Or is it just the usual for 10 Pointers to get frustrated before the exams ?

  3. so nice expression...of the little experience...very sweet :)

    der is a place 4 frns too in these few lines... delighted! :)

  4. @ Asmita -
    yes, a lil good in your enemy as well :)

    @ Sandy -
    if its all smooth, its not life! this post was written after exams. and thanks for ur wishes bro. exams were good

    @ pravee
    thanks dear! frns have their place in my heart, what big deal if i do or don't in this post!

  5. life's not all rosy n at the same time, it's not all thorny


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