Thursday, December 11, 2008

What was that

I was looking for a dead man who had been buried over a century ago. Searching the graph network of all the graves in the second depth-first method in decreasing order of the finishing times of the results of the first depth-first search, I visited all the vertices of that component graph in topologically sorted order. And then estimated the downstream nodes' delay as the flow of traffic information in the direction towards the moon from each of the nodes, and measured the experienced delay of the downstream nodes. Wait, am I to remember Floyd Warsall? Screw them, this is my world and I make my own algorithms. But, am I too civil to books? Is that a dead person who had not been buried at all? Is that a royal female mummy with a raised right arm. Is that Nefertiti? I dream a lot! 

PS: What the fuck have you done lately?


  1. lol.. wow.. what was that anyway?!

    fuck. exams must be around going on eh! i am drowned in bones and skulls and systems and carbon hydrogen bonds and how long each bond might be. i personally like carbon hydrogen :D

    Shit. Fuck that.

  2. no idea, guess frustration took its word form into some arbit crap. C-H bonds organic compounds and stuff eh! good, good..

  3. okka mukka ardham kaledhu. except the F word :P

  4. Ah, the F word! what do i say about that. Listen to this funny audio


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