Monday, December 29, 2008


change is something that i don't have a good opinion about. i've never liked change and i stand by it, but i need to learn accept it. it ain't that easy though. it happened at every phase of my life. i lose friends, i made friends. and i dont want to be no stupid when everyone and everything around me change. and hence i learn to accept change and bring this change in my blog template.
but still, i dont like to change.

PS1: this post means a lot more than what it actually says. i don't want to say it all, i hate change man. damn!
PS2: Happy New Year guys in advance.


  1. amen to that! I`m allergic to change as well!! :)
    Thanks for your good wishes. My dad is doing much better now. And i`m finally back home now. And btw, how did you find my blog? Just curious.. do I know you?

  2. Glad to meet you Vee. I shall be a grad student at the UMN myself - pbly the coming fall, all going well. :)

  3. You are a great philosopher I feel. thanks :))

  4. @ Piper -
    sounds great! all the best for everything..

    @ Rashi -
    thats a compliment, thanks :)

  5. new fans.. going great guns haan?

  6. Dude.. the new template is looking very nice..
    For sure this change is for good, and i hope so are many other *changes* you faced :-)

    Wish you a happy new year (to you and ur blog as-well)...

  7. on the contrary.. I love change.
    for all the bitter things too. Its way of life, it is Life.

  8. I agree vth Asmita.. I believe the fact tht change is the only constant :)

    Happy New Year !!

  9. hey, i like change too.
    and i guess u arent as reluctant to change either,
    seeing the new template!

    its good!

    wish u a happy and peaceful year ahead!

  10. I love changes though I personally would not admit or like to know that I am changed. I cannot live without change, fresh faces and new things. It provides me to start all over again, to create an impression from a scratch, not withholding the past. I do contradict. I like the Earlier blog template better though :( Perhaps, resisting the change in the begining.

  11. @ Lavanya -

    @ Raphael -
    happy new yr to u too, and thanks for the wishes. well, i am learning not to be reluctant. change, for the bitter things as Asmita said

  12. @ Bhavya -
    Thanks for the wishes and happy new year to u too! yeah, change keeps happening..

    @ Asmita -
    As Steven Singleton says: Change is happening, and more change is coming. The sooner we accept this fundamental principle and the sooner we learn how to use it to our advantage rather than fighting it or trying to avoid it, the more successful we will become.
    may be i should learn accepting it. i'm in the process...

  13. hey Vee, even I don't like change, but that bus-conductor insists he needs change :(
    So, the one who doesn't like change changed and likes changes and may change again :D
    Guess it happens with everybody ;)


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