Sunday, January 04, 2009


  1. I was blessed with 1 when I went to visit Lord Sri Venkateshwara..
  2. 2 is my usual self. The goody goody boy kinda look.
  3. I go for this image makeover 3 once in a while with just a goatee. But I get recognized unlike Shahrukh in Rab ne.. movie where his wife doesn't recognize him when she sees without a moustache.
  4. And I go for the enhancement 4 whenever i get bored of 3 or viceversa.
  5. Grrr... I was called a Psycho when I tried 5
  6. Its really difficult to maintain 6. I've had enough trouble with it
  7. Some gals said I looked cute when I tried 7 *blush*
  8. Sob! I will be 8, no matter what, in a couple of years.
Wanna try something more before I get restricted to 8. Any suggestions?

PS: Its 3 in the night and I'm still with my lappy drawing toons and posting blogs. Looks like this is the day!!!


  1. I saw 1 to 7 may in pics or directly. I am eagerly waiting to see 8.

  2. i think u shud also try 1 more frequently.. (if u dont want to see 8 soon)

  3. good one, mate. u made me sad by reminding me of the bad times ahead

  4. so, wats with the cartooning?! u plan on something new?! :D.
    Good artistry though.

  5. well, our ultimate goal is that of Jason Statham's :D

  6. @ arun , srikanth -
    guys, if u r so eager photoshop it. as simple as that

    @ sandy -
    yeah true! 1 => ~8.

    @ satish -
    the inevitable bad times

  7. @ AN -
    jus trying out things, for a change

    @ Mahe -
    there will soon be a generation where every male child will be bald right from his birth. a generation of Jason Stathams :D

  8. @Vee,
    nice and humorous. as far as a suggestion for a new hairstyle before you upgrade to 8, well why not try 7 with a chinese style goatee ;)

  9. @hashir -
    sounds like a good idea! i did that with a goatee and a moustache, but not with the Chinese kinda thing!

  10. Vee! I got to see ur pic to see which one style will go best on you!

    btw, 2 is sweet.


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