Monday, November 17, 2008

My Two plus years at Bangalore!

My experiences at Bangalore had always been my favorite topic to blog about!!!

It all kick started with lavish life at Microsoft Research as a Research Intern! Trips, food, parties, xboxing, games, sports, kick-boxing classes (Thanks to Kentaro for those early morning and/or evening classes) and work as well. I had been to Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp, Ooty and Masinagudi along with the folks out there. All this in just a period of five and half months. I was just overloaded with all that then!

After a short break I was back in Bangalore, as a software engineer! That was like almost no parties, no games, very little fun and more work (most of the weekends as well). According to Murphy "Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse". So had to get back into action - joined guitar classes, planned trips, gave all forms of impossible reasons to skip work on weekends and what not! In this process followed Aamir Khan by adopting the principle "Be A Rebel" and got into a cold war with my Project Lead which lasted for a couple of months - it did show its effect on me which I shouldn't talk about now. ;) Murphy into picture again, he is everywhere - "Everything takes longer than you think". So did my guitar classes, it took me four months to learn playing a few basic chords (I'm still bad at playing them) and yeah I quit taking classes sadly, which I want to continue now. 

I had been to various places in and around Bangalore. I had been to Wonder La twice - once with my glasses on and I missed out most of the fun as I had to remove my glasses on all the rides and I missed most of the fun. So, when I went there for the second time I made sure to have my contact lenses. As matter will be damaged in the right proportion of its value, with all the fun I had wearing my contact lenses and enjoying all the rides, I got a sort of irritation in my eyes as well at the end of the day. Big deal! And then, had been to a couple of resorts as part of corporate outings or events. Went on rides to Nandi Hills and Devarayanadurga on motor bikes. I still remember how narrowly we escaped (I was driving and my roomie then was pillion) tripping down from my bike after suddenly coming across a slippery pool of mud. Had also been to Mekedatu. Hmmm, where else did I go?  Had been to those unending gardens of Lalbagh and fascinating Vishweswarayya Science Mueseum. I still remember how happy my dad was while watching some of those little and giant wonders in that museum. I could have been to more but, you see, things don't turn out in the way you want to. Had also set my foot in the kingdom of Mahishasura, you guessed it right Mysore. Had been to that city thrice and also visited ruins of Tippu's palace in Sri Rangapatna apart from other tiny weeny places around that city.

How can I forget sharing my experience of roaming around police station? One fine day, at 5.00 PM my neighbor called me up after my finding the lock of my house broke open!  My roomie lost a brand new DSLR camera and some dollars which was his earning from a recent onsite trip. All in all he lost 90-plus-k INR. Funny that the considerate burglar left the memory card of the camera for us. In pursuit of happiness after that sad experience, we watched "The Pursuit of Happyness" that day and slept late in the night (rather early in the morning :P). Apart from all this, Bangalore gave me a few great friends (who are great guides too)! Miss all the fun and all my friends now! 

We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories. Some take us forward, they're called dreams. The word Dreams make me feel slumbery now! Had travelled enough back in time, now let me catch some sleep and go forward in my time machine

Addition#1 - Realized, very late, that Murphy is everywhere with his laws. Better late than never!
Addition#2 (25th Nov) - Good that I quit my job, I can live longer now. 


  1. wow.. A Feel Good Post (with a touch of brilliance) ..

    Started felling how badly i miss many of my frns.

  2. made me look back into all those good old days spent at hyderabad and bangalore. hmmm, how much i misd them.. :(

  3. thanks ppl! i happen to miss the noisy roads of Bangalore. *sob sob*

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