Saturday, October 11, 2008

Scribblings in a diary...

Felt very good after going for a short run in the evening, its a great stress buster. And I'm not bad either, could run 2 miles after 4.5 months long break. Watched Forgetting Sarah Marshalltoday, total fun movie. Struggled understanding things about low-duty-cycle sensor networks and challenges in broadcasting on these networks today in the group meeting. Looking for something more interesting. Tried the Veggie Reuben Sandwich with the Thousand Island dressing today. Its good, doesn't beat the chicken wild rice soup though. Mid terms coming up, need to study! But very low on motivation to study. Friday night, party time to the people here. Blokes out there in the fraternities are having fun with music, dance and what not. 

India is doing bad in the test match against Aussies. After all the hot comments against selectors and fellow team mates in the media, it will be fun to watch Dada scoring a century and setting things right for the Men in Blue (oops! its a test match, everyone will be in White). Gotta catch some sleep, am going to bed with this unanswered question in my mind since a few days - "What should I do if I lose my memory of past few months after I wake up in the morning ? The case as in I dont remember where I am, why I am here and I dont remember anyone here." Obviously my room mates will call up 911 if this is the case, and I know what follows next!

Edit1 (12Oct): The whole place is looking absolutely beautiful here with colors. I'm loving it!


  1. hmm i can help in ur rehab after the 911 :)

  2. Absolutely breathtaking!
    Sincerely written.. well done!

  3. @ srikanth -
    thanks for the offer bro! ;)

    @disturbed stranger -
    thanks for ur good words

  4. Do you maintain a dairy? If yes, You must read Anne Frank,Dairy of a young girl..Nostalgic .

  5. Never knew Anne Frank had a dairy farm :P Its diary girl, not dairy :D No i don't maintain one, but i still plan to read Anne Frank's 'The Diary of a Young girl' sometime. I've read a lot about her.


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